How is a wedding in the Baptist church performed?


Thanks a lot for the articles on this site and may the Lord bless you. Please send me some articles about marriage and I am interested in the wedding from the Baptist church?

Lenuţa Blendarencu este adusă de tata ei ca asă fie dată mireasă lui Radu Blendarencu

I will try to present some things that seem to me that describe how weddings in the Baptist church are performed:

  1. Christians from the Baptist churches put a great emphasis on acceptance of the experience of being born again and they marry only with people who confess that they have had the same experience.
  2. Young people are not encouraged to go dating.
  3. Young people are taught to marry only when they have all certitude and freedom from God that they must form a family and if they love each other.
  4. It is of great importance for young people to have the blessing of the parents on their marriage.
  5. A special event is engagement where the pastor of the young people will definitely participate, and if they are from different churches both priests are invited.
  6. The pastor will teach the bridegroom and the bride a biblical course of premarital counseling. One of the most effective and widely used is the “Marriage without regrets” course.
  7. Young people are taught according to the Holy Scriptures to keep themselves clean for one another and their first kiss will be in front of the wedding guests, after they will be announced as husband and wife by the priest (pastor) in front of witnesses.
  8. The first night of the two is after the wedding and only then they will maintain sexual relations.
  9. Immediately after the wedding the young couple is encouraged to go on honeymoon.
  10. At the weddings organized by Christians in the Baptist church strong drinks are missing.
  11. Music has a Christian message and usually, a church music group is invited.
  12. The religious ceremony is the same day as the wedding.
  13. All wedding guests are welcome to participate in the program with best wishes, poetry, songs or something beautiful for bridegroom and bride and for guests.
  14. All wedding guests come with gifts: money or other things that will help young people to start their marriage.
  15. Usually the wedding program is very original and interesting.
  16. The bridegroom and the the bride, parents and everyone involved in the organization seek to tell the Gospel message through everything that is performed at the wedding.

Certainly there are many interesting things at the wedding in the Baptist churches that I have overlooked. Therefore, I invite readers of this portal, which took part in such readings, to write what else they have observed.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru