The “Non-Denominational Church” led by Ewald Frank is a Dangerous Heresy


I listen to Ewald Frank’s sermons. He has preached in over 140 countries. He does not promote any cult because he claims that all of them are false. God has revealed to him that baptism is received in the name of Jesus, not of the Holy Trinity, and that Jesus is God the Father Himself, not a second person of the Trinity. He also says that God is unitary, that is, one person, not three in one. It is good be baptized in a church without any name so that I can go to every church: Baptist, Pentecostal, Adventist, without ever being part of any cult? What do you think? What should I do?

There are different churches that declare themselves non-denominational. Some have Bible teaching, but others are heresies. Ewald Frank is Branham’s disciple and preaches the same destructive teaching that is totally contrary to the Bible. Only people who do not know the Bible and who are easily believers are so easily caught up in this heresy called by them a “non-demominational church.”

Cine este William Braham?

Is baptism acceptable in a non-denominational church?

Ce spune Biblia despre Sfânta treime?

Cine sunt apostolii mincinoși?

Is the Spirit in 2 Corinthians 2:17 the Lord Jesus Christ?

Persoana Duhului Sfânt

Dacă Isus Hristos este Dumnezeu, cum poate sta la dreapta lui Dumnezeu?

Adevărul despre Sfânta treime

Beware of false teachers and their teaching,  so you do not lose your eternal reward.

Translated by Ana Antonov