Is baptism acceptable in a non-denominational church?


Is it good to receive baptism in a non-denominational church?

It is not so easy to give you an answer because I do not know what is the teaching of the church that you have adhered to. By checking the correct writing of the phrase “non-denominational”, I have seen that there is no such definition on .but, I did a search on Google and I went over the site of a non-denominational church. The following definition of this term is provided on the site as it follwos:

Harvest is a non-denominational church. What does this mean? It means a lot, at least for us. We do not keep a religious label; we are not under the denomination. We love God, we worship Jesus, and we strongly believe in the work of the Holy Spirit. We are Christians who respect the Bible too much to be trapped by any tradition, and therefore with all our respect for other denominations / Christian cults, we have chosen to be non-denominational (without affiliation to any denomination).

I know the Harvest church is doing great work in Romania, in other countries of the world, and there is such a church in Chisinau. I ask God to bless their ministry and help them in everything they do for the salvation of people and the building of the saints.

However, it seems that the definition above does not put the other denominations in the best position. It is true that there are confessions and denominations that have removed the word of God and drowned in the human traditions they preach today, but not all of them are so,  and the fact that people are part of a denomination does not necessarily mean that they do not respect the Bible or are trapped only in traditions. Each denomination has its history, and most of them have periods of crisis, reforms and spiritual awakening. We would like it to be as it was in the beginning when there was only one Church left by the Lord Jesus and, as it was then, so it is now, the true Church is not limited by the barriers between the confessions. The true Church includes all those who were born again, received the Holy Spirit, and follow the Savior’s teaching, as it is written in the Bible. These people are part of different denominations and churches, and each of them faithfully serves in his place.

The fact is that confessions are a reality that no one who wants to be a disciple of Christ will be able to avoid as much as he would like to. The Harvest Churches still have a rule that is respected everywhere for the good work that is done. If the work grows, the number of churches will increase and, even if they are called non-denominational ones, they are regarded by the followers of other confessions and religions as another denomination. If one of the leaders of this church or of the generations who come will say that this order is no longer good, that they want changes, etc., we hope that they will not bring the same reasons that they want to respect the Bible and not be trapped by any tradition and then go to create another non-denominational church.

Therefore, I return to the question I was asked. I do not know the doctrine of the church you are going to, so I advise you to read the Bible well and to have the complete freedom that the teaching of the church in which you chose to be baptized is one in complete harmony with the Word of God, and that there is no heretical and destructive teaching. Let God help you follow His path with all holiness to have an inheritance in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Translated by Ana Antonov