Eight (8) useful articles for Christians who graduate from high school and are preparing to go to college

To students during the entrance exams, I recommend this article:

How to prepare for exams without stress?

For those who have the baccalaureate exam and want to go to college, but have not decided or are unsure about the choice of the future profession, I recommend the following articles:

I pray for high school graduates who are children of God, born again by faith in the Lord Jesus, to think about the great needs of the Church in our country now and to go to college based on those needs.

Politicians now, for the most part, are making laws that are against the Word of God and against people. Think only of the last laws that have been or are in the process of being adopted and that have created great discussion in society, because Christians have opposed them. I know, you will say that there are so many Christians who have studied law, history, economics, etc. Yes, but most of them did it just to have a college degree, to have a higher education or to get a job and make a living. Now there is a desperate need for gifted young men and women to learn to get involved in politics and there to promote divine values.

Another great need that the Church in our country has is media specialists. There is a desperate need for Christian journalists, reporters, presenters to present spiritual values ​​and approach reality from God’s perspective. I pray that God will raise up in our country people who will start Christian radio stations, newspapers, magazines, and television channels through which the pure teaching of God’s Word will be preached.

Another need is the lack of qualified teachers to teach God’s Word in schools. When the teaching of religion according to the ordinary evangelical curriculum was allowed, God opened the doors of schools like never before. Unfortunately, however, we must note that the evangelical churches in the country have benefited very little from this opportunity, because the number of teachers who were ready to go through the training and get involved is very small.

Think about these needs above, then pray to God and let Him speak to your heart, give you a vision for life, and show you the path you need to take now.

Translated by Didina Vicliuc