Practical advice for Christians in choosing a profession

Why is choosing a profession an important topic for you, as a Christian?

To choose the desired profession, you must know that it is not an easy thing, because it will be for the rest of your life and will determine how you will relate to other people. In addition to choosing a profession that you enjoy, that will bring you satisfaction and fulfillment, think of it as one that will make you the most effective in the work of the Gospel and that will give you opportunities to gather treasures for the Kingdom of Heaven. In this message I want to offer some advice in this regard, namely how to choose a profession from the perspective of the Kingdom of God and the preaching of the Gospel.

Choose the profession that will bring you pleasure and fulfillment.

When you receive pleasure from the work you do for others, then other people are happy with what you do and appreciate that you do it for them with joy. This joy and passion will mean a lot when you share the Gospel with people.

Choose the profession that meets people’s needs.

The apostle Paul wrote to the Christians from Philippi:

Do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others. Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 2: 4-5 NASB)

Look carefully around and choose the profession that, in addition to bringing pleasure to you, will benefit and be needed by people. In fact, you have the greatest fulfillment in life, when you know that you are useful to others. On August 14, 2006, the Ministry of Education and Youth announced that 2163 pedagogues are not enough for the schools in the districts, cities and municipalities of Moldova. Here is what the press wrote about this situation:

The worst situation in this regard is attested in Hâncești districts, where the shortage of teachers is 118 people, Nisporeni – 72, Cimișlia – 71, Calarași – 69, Cahul – 62, Ștefan Vodă – 61, Leova – 56, Cantemir – 55 , Soldanesti – 48.

“The educational system has been facing this situation for a long time, the cause being the permanent exodus of pedagogues to work abroad, a fact determined by their insufficient remuneration, as well as by the low interest of young graduates of pedagogical profile in creating a professional career in the field. ” – mentioned Țvircun.

The Minister specified that, out of the 1515 graduates of higher education institutions with pedagogical profile, who studied with funding from the budget, they received 1371 distribution sheets to be placed in the labor force. However, they do not cover the necessary staff. Moreover, the young pedagogues only present themselves at the respective institutions, but there can be no question of employment.

As you can see from this press release, many teachers in schools, and the vast majority of graduates of educational institutions, have thought more about meeting their personal needs and the fact that the state can not provide them with the salary they need. If they had thought about the benefits of others, that is, the fact that so many children are left without teachers and that if they have no one to teach them, it takes away the future for them and for all of us, as a country. You can go and fulfill this need and become a God-pleasing teacher.

Choose the profession that will put you in touch with people.

There are different professions. Some give you more contact with people, others less. Some professions even give you the opportunity to work at home, alone. Now, with the advent of the Internet, there are many people working in front of the computer at home. As a Christian, choose a profession that gives you the opportunity to have constant contact with people and thus be able to witness to them about the Lord Jesus Christ, the gospel, and make disciples.

Choose the profession that gives you opportunities to earn for your personal and family needs

It is good when you have the opportunity to have support in the mission work you are doing. But this is not always possible. Therefore, choose the profession that will always give you the opportunity to work and earn for your needs. Here is what the book of Acts says:

After these things he left Athens and went to Corinth. And he found a Jew named Aquila, a native of Pontus, having recently come from Italy with his wife Priscilla, because Claudius had commanded all the Jews to leave Rome. He came to them, and because he was of the same trade, he stayed with them and they were working, for by trade they were tent-makers. And he was reasoning in the synagogue every Sabbath and trying to persuade Jews and Greeks. (Acts 18: 1-4)( NASB)

Later, when Timothy came from Macedonia, Paul received support from those churches so that he could serve fully in the gospel. But the fact that he had a job allowed him to stay in this city and be able to preach the gospel until he received this financial support.

Application questions

In the end, I come with some application questions. It is good to write them separately on a piece of paper and then, during the day, to think well and give full answers, in writing. This will help you a lot to decide on the choice of profession. So, here are the questions… What profession did you think to choose? How much do you like this profession? Why do you like that profession? How useful will this profession be to people and how necessary is it now? What needs of the people and the country will you fulfill through the profession you choose?

God bless you. Choose the profession that will bring you joy, for the good of the people and for the advancement of the Gospel.

Translated by Didina Vicliuc