Choosing a profession: Why?

The end of the school year is close and pupils who graduate the school have to decide what their future job is going to be. Unfortunately, there are few sources that can help young people make a correct and wise decision to choose their profession. I will write next articles to present useful advise from the Holy Scriptures for pupils who graduate, for their parents and teachers that guide them. Today we will look at the importance of practicing a profession.

The Savior of the world practiced a profession while He lived on this earth.

All people knew that Jesus was a carpenter. He chose this profession to help people and to set an example to follow in this regard. Until he was 30, the Lord Jesus was the carpenter who fulfilled the needs of people of Nazareth. So, if He, who is “the exact represantation of God’s nature” practiced a profession when He came on this earth, and he served people through his profession, it is so important for every person to choose a profession to serve others.

The profession will help you build relations with people

One can not be fulfilled by the greatness of his richness, but by the beautiful relations with those who live with him, with his friends and with all people. Those who are wise, use their money to serve others and to build long lasting relations. Wise Solomon said:

The poor is hated even by his neighbor, but those who love the rich are many. (Proverbs 14;20)(NASB)

A man who practices no profession, can not gain money to support himself and his family. On the contrary, one who practice a profession and is good at it, he will serve people always and this will assure him stable financial earnings. But what is even more important, he will gain people’s respect and gratitude for the way he uses his profession to serve and to help them when they need.

The lack of a profession will undermine your relations with your family and friends

Wise Solomon said:

All the brothers of a poor man hate him; how much more do his friends abandon him! He pursues them with words, but they are gone. (Proverbs 19:7)(NASB)

When a man doesn’t practice a profession, he can not earn the necessary money for his life and he will be dependent on the members of his family, friends, etc. This man can work a lot from morning to evening, but if he practices no profession, he will be payed less. For example, how big is the difference between the payment of a master builder and the payment of the workers who help him. Acquire a profession to save the relations with your family and friends. Why would you be despised by your closest persons.

Treasure and use the time when you can acquire a profession

Childhood, teen age, youth age are periods blessed by God, when a man or a woman can easily study and acquire a profession. It is not so easy to learn the same things later. That’s why, treasure this time and go to study now. Solomon also says:

The sluggard does not plow after the autumn, so he begs during the harvest and has nothing. (Proverbs 20:4)(NASB)

I will continue the list why you should choose a profession in another article. It is good to think at the profession you would like to practice and that will bring joy and fulfillment to you and to people who are near you. If you have more options, put them down on a paper. I want to help you make a good evaluation of you person, situation, possibilities and to make a wise decision.

You can tell your friends what you have found out.

Translated by Felicia Djugostran