Which profession to choose?

Today I passed the College of Medicine in Chisinau and I saw many high school graduates who were apparently submitting documents to become students of that institution. Last night I talked to a young man who still doesn’t know and hasn’t been decided where to go to study, and what profession to choose. I asked him several questions that I think helped him make a wise decision. I thought it would be useful to publish an article in this regard.

What do you want to do with your life?

When it comes to what profession to choose, it is important to think about what you want to do with your life, which is not as long as it seems to be at 16 or 23 years old. Time is the matter of which our life is made and this time is consumed continuously. We can’t stop it for a moment. What do you want to do with the rest of your time? What do you want to achieve? What achievements would you like to have behind you when you lie on your deathbed? I know you’re not happy to think about it, but it’s a reality that every person has to go through and so you have to think about how to use your life. Most people when they get to their deathbed are very disappointed that they used their time to make a career, to make money, to make a name for themselves, and in fact they never sought to do good to people and, before leaving this world, there is no one who would have reasons to say words of gratitude to them.

Don’t waste time learning things that won’t help you achieve your purpose in life!

Some young people go to study just to fill their time, or because their friends go somewhere to learn and they do not want to be left behind by friends. It is not wise to do so. Where do you want to go to school? Why do you want to go there? Is it just to have a diploma? It’s not worth it… Look around yourself at how many people with higher education degrees don’t work at all, stick to nothing, and sit on their parents’ backs. They ended up like that because they didn’t have a purpose in their lives when they went to study and they don’t have a purpose even now. Don’t be one of them.

Don’t make your heart rich

Today it is fashionable for people to go after riches. They sacrifice families, parents, children, health, everything, just to make a lot of money. How good it would be if they heeded this word of God in the Holy Scriptures:

Do not wear yourself out to get rich; do not trust your own cleverness. Cast but a glance at riches, and they are gone, for they will surely sprout wings and fly off to the sky like an eagle. (Proverbs 23:4-5 NASB)

If you choose your profession just for the sake of making a lot of money, know that you will have a lot of misfortune and disappointment in life. Don’t do this. In fact, in the New Testament God also says:

Those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. (1 Timothy 6:9-10 NASB)

Learn a profession that will best serve people

Each of us has certain skills that God has given us so that we can serve others. Thus, yesterday I talked to a young man who is a very good football player and wants to be a coach, but because he was not accepted on a team he wanted to go to a technical school. Through questions, I helped him understand that it is best to go to a pedagogical school and be an athletics teacher so that in the future he will teach sports to children in order to build good character and tell them about our Lord Jesus Christ.

When we learn a profession according to the abilities God has given us, we will bring much joy to people and be respected by them. In other words, it is better to be a good mechanic who will bring joy to all those who will have their cars repaired than to become a doctor and make miserable those who will come to be healed by you. God’s Word says this:

Do you see someone skilled in their work? They will serve before kings; they will not serve before officials of low rank. (Proverbs 22:29 NASB)

Meet the urgent needs of the country

In our country there is a very large shortage of teachers. Teachers are poorly paid. Students and their parents do not show respect and appreciation for the work of teachers. Because of the low salaries, those who graduate from pedagogical colleges choose to go somewhere to work abroad. But who will fulfill this great need of the nation? What will happen if we let an illiterate and worthless generation grow up? Don’t we lack such a future? If you feel the call, go study pedagogy to become a teacher.

Journalists are the people who most influence the morality and mentality of the entire nation. Unfortunately, we found that a large number of journalists no longer have values ​​and use the media to destroy existing values. There is a great need for honest journalists who will bring good values ​​back to the media. Don’t you want to become an honest journalist?

The country’s political class has long remained the same. The saddest thing is that we have almost no people of integrity who would truly seek the good of the nation, and when the election approaches, the people are disappointed and do not want to go to the polls. What would it be like to be a future politician who will change things?

Choose a profession that will make you effective in preaching the gospel

Jesus called all Christians to have the same profession – to witness for Him in our home, in our country, and to the ends of the earth. The apostle Paul said that for him to live was Christ and to die was a gain. In other words, life was meaningless to him if he did not tell the gospel to others. This feeling and cause must be the motivation of each of us. Think about what profession will enable you to best serve people in the gospel and continually proclaim salvation?

God help you to make the right choice about your future profession!

Translated by Didina Vicliuc