Encouragement for high school graduates

Îndemn pentru absolvenţii liceului

Among the faithful readers of the portal http://www.moldovacrestina.md are many young men and women who graduate from high school this year and are facing a decision of great importance for life – the choice of profession. I have previously written several articles in which I gave advice to young people on how to choose their profession. If you are a Christian, you must first think about choosing a profession that will make you as effective as possible in the gospel. If you take a hurried or unthoughtful step now, you will feel sorry later, you will lack the necessary motivation, and you may even need to drop out of the school you choose now in order to go to another. 

Start by choosing your profession based on the needs of the people, the most current needs that are in our country. The country is us, the people, and the needs of the people are the needs of the country. You can fulfill one of these great needs and it will make you and those you choose to serve happy. 


You saw a need in the high school you are graduating from now and that is the need for teachers. With low salaries, and little appreciation and encouragement, many teachers have left the country, and young people do not come to learn this very important profession, without which the country has no future. Additionally, this profession offers you unique opportunities to take the gospel to the people and to do a Christian mission in the localities of the country where there is not yet a sound presence of the gospel message.


Another great need we have in our country now is experienced lawyers to stand up for human rights. Some cunning people, under the pretext of fighting for human rights, insist, put pressure, lobby and impose on society laws that are against man and sound values. Think of the laws that legalized abortion, parental punishment has been passed into the category of violence, and now a group of homosexuals are putting a lot of pressure to impose a law that will stifle and discriminate against an entire society by imposing their own way of thinking and behaving on everyone. There is a very, very great need for well-equipped lawyers ready to fight for true justice.


Upright and well-equipped journalists are another urgent need of our country. During the events after April 7, I watched with great pain and heartbreak as some of the journalists turned out to be men of lies and tools in the hands of the wicked. I thank those who put their lives at stake and did not allow themselves to be stopped by intimidation or beatings, but did their sacred duty to stand up for truth and democracy. What is sadder is that there are very few journalists who can and are ready to promote the values of the gospel through the media. You can become such a journalist if you realize the great possibilities that this profession offers.

If you understand the importance and feel that God has given you the necessary abilities and calling, choose one of these professions. Choose a profession through which to serve God and people effectively.

Translated by Liza Birladeanu.