Is the marriage ceremony necessary when one gets remarried?


I was married in the Baptist church. Then I divorced at the initiative of my wife, who has found another man. Now I met a Pentecostal woman who has been divorced while she was not a Christian. If we want to get married, do we have to officiate the marriage ceremony, even if each of us has been married before? What is the procedure?

What is marriage ceremony?

The marriage ceremony is the formal conclusion of the covenant of marriage before God. Divorce is breaking this covenant. From what you have written, I understand that your wife was unfaithful and broke the covenant of marriage. So, that covenant is no longer valid and it no longer has power, it has been broken by divorce. This does not undo the consequences and responsibility before God that the one who broke the holy covenant will have to bear. The fact is that that covenant that has been broken has no more power.

Why should you marry?

If you decide to get married, it means that you have decided to conclude this holy covenant before God and this is a new covenant, which is neither a replay or a continuation of the covenants that each of you has previously entered, but it is a new one. The marriage ceremony is absolutely necessary as the official part of the conclusion of this covenant, that is made before God and before seen and unseen witnesses.

What is the procedure?

Go to the pastors of churches where you are members and tell them about the decision you have made. They will advise you more detailed regarding marriage and how to do the wedding ceremony.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru