How to protect yourself from your mother’s sorcery?


I have got a question about different rituals. My mom is very passionate about horoscopes and she has many books of spells at home. She does all sorts of strange things in the house. Every Friday night she lights seven candles, or lights only green candles (I think to return the fortune) and she reads all kinds of prayers from the Bible only on Friday night. I find it very bad that she associates sorcery with God. She hides all the time and I do not know what other things she does, but I noticed that for some time each Friday, before bedtime, she comes to me and blows on my forehead and does all sorts of strange signs. I’m afraid of her. I do not want to take part in such things. What could these things mean and how can I protect myself?

God categorically condemns the horoscope, sorcery and wizards practiced by your mother and, as you say, it is an abomination that she uses for these purposes even the Bible.

Explain to your mother the seriousness of her deeds

To understand better, I invite you to read the article What does the Bible say about fortune-telling and witchcraft? Then go to your mother and tell her all these truths, but insist in the explanation as to make sure she understands what it is all about.

Enter a covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ

I do not know if you are born again and if you received the Holy Spirit. If you have not yet had this experience in your life, it is possible that your mother’s sorcery has already affected you or can affect you now. Therefore, seek to understand better what means to be born again and how it can happen in your life. Then, repent wholeheartedly to receive the Holy Spirit and to be fully released from the power of evil spirits by which all magicians are done.

Urge your mother to repent

Following your example, urge your mother to repent, because only so she can be released from the clutches of idolatry in which she has been caught. If she does not want to repent, at least …

Ask your mom to stop these practices

It is unlikely that she will stop practicing them if she does not repent, but it is important that you asked this, and that you insist on it.

If your mother does not want to move away from sorcery …

Then you have to leave the house where you live now and to seek a separate place to live, in the hope that your mother will understand and will soon repent of her evil deeds.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru