How to protect yourself from the pagan influence of horoscope?


I have a question about the horoscope. My mother is absolutely distraught with it. She buys magazines, books, calls all kind of astrologers to tell her the future. I tried to tell her that it is not good. In vain because she has been practicing these things since she was young and she can not change her mind. I did not know this things, but I have recently found in her room dozens of books on astrology, various rituals of enrichment, tarot, all kind of books that describe various rituals with prayers, candles, objects, etc. How you described in the articles on the subject, it seems that she is doing worse day by day. She is divorcing from my father, was dismissed from her job, has to pay a lot of money to different banks. I’m afraid that these sins could affect me, too. My mom says that astrology is an exact science and it should not be condemned. I would like to know more about horoscopes and why everything is foretold, it happens. How does this affect people’s lives?

In the article Horoscope – the truth and the effects I presented God’s perspective on this pagan practice to be condemned.

The fact that things that are foretold by the horoscope they happen, is an old method of the devil to make man believe in his power and then be controlled by this power. The reality is that the man who resorts to these practices goes from bad to worse, and from troubles to troubles. Because some of the forecasts said by the horoscope happened to her, now the mother of the author came to believe that this repugnant practice is an “exact science”. What deception.

It is founded the fear that these sins can affect you and you have to do all you can to help your mother to forsake them. Firstly, I advise you to study well the article Horoscope – the truth and effects and then go to the Bible and explain your mother what is written in the Bible and that she should stop these pagan practices immediately. Continually pray for her and I suggest you to do a Bible study together and so, every day set a specific time to study the Bible. Only this way your mother will understand how serious her sin is, to repent of it and live beautifully and holy before God.

And one more thing. Protect yourself from the occult books of your mother, do not look through them and do not read any of them when your mother tries to convince you. The information they contain is evil and it seizes the human mind firstly and then, his whole person.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru