Why did people back the gay parade in Riga?

A running commentary presented how citizens backed the gay parade from Riga. I want to say my opinion regarding what I saw and what I think about the reason people went out to back that pride.

Because homosexuals sexually abuse children

People who wore white clothes and were blocked by the police behind the iron fence were shouting “Net pederatii” (No paederasty!). Even if homosexuals say they do not abuse children, they do it in a cunning way, so that no one can blame them for the crime they commit. Firstly they abuse children emotionally by “informing” them methodically. That’s why, they insist to begin this informing since kindergartens to make children accept sodomy in their minds and become curious to practice it. For example, two years ago, using their secret channels, homosexuals tried to introduce such a manual in the kindergartens from Moldova. Unfortunately the leadership of 35 kindergartens acted unreasonable and accepted the book “Sex explained to little ones” as an experiment. Here is how this book explained homosexuality to children:

According to the definition of the author, we, parents are “those who have problems” accepting homosexuality as something normal, so we are abnormal, but homosexuals and homosexuality is something normal. What will a child think after such a lesson?

Another case took place in village Trebujeni, when a homosexual came and molested 15 teenagers (guys). When I told someone this case, that happened last summer, that certain person told me that sodomy was a threat to Trebujeni at that time, because it spread very quickly among the inhabitants of that village. I would like to believe that it is not so, but the Holy Scriptures say that “little leaven (immorality) leavens the whole lump of dough (church, society)”.

People from Riga went out to block the gay parade because their integrity, morality, physical and psychical health of their own children is threatened.

Because the state and the police confused the destination of the iron fence

The state is called to assure the security and health of the citizens and when something that threatens our families and the safety of our children comes, we wait for the intervention of the state that has to protect us. When we are provoked in this way, when our children are exposed directly to sinful and immoral influence, we expect the government to stop those people who come to destroy. Why don’t politicians have this power of discernment and don’t put an iron fence to stop the evil deeds of the evil ones?

Because immorals spread immorality

Why do immorals need this pride? It is a subject that I want to touch in another article in future. But, it is evident that the main reason is to assert themselves to the whole world through their sin and to spread immorality and especially sodomy. People who live in dignity and have moral principles can not accept these things.

Because immorals provoke violence

Every time I saw homosexuals complaining for discrimination they can not show a certain example, or if they show it, this is something that happens to the whole society and not only to them. As long as they don’t provoke people through their immorality, no one aproaches them to ask them the details of their sexual life. But when they organize prides and come to show their shamelessness, as the Bible says, through this they defy the whole society and provoke people to violence.

Praised be the Lord who protected us and we haven’t have such a parade in Chisinau. Let us act and do our utmost and not allow such a great evil in future.

Translated by Felicia Djugostran