Who will stop the genocide from the tube?

These days, I read the following things in an article published on http://www.unimedia.md:

To date in the National Center for Reproductive Health were made around 2500 in vitro fertilization (IVF) and were born more than 1,000 children”, declared the Director of the National Center for Reproductive Health and Medical Genetics, Veaceslav Mosin for UNIMEDIA.

At first glance, it seems that we make progress, given how in vitro fertilization is applied in our country comparing to other countries of the world. Here’s what author of the article writes:

Experiments for implementation of IVF method in Moldova started in 1994, when the necessary apparatus was procured. The first pregnancy through IVF method was achieved at the end of 1995 and it resulted in the birth of a boy weighing 3500 gr. A wider use of IVF method started in 1997 when the transvaginal ultrasound in monitoring the cycles of stimulation and ultrasound collection of oocytes were implemented, added Mosin, stressing an increased addressing and a high success rate of the IVF process among patients with infertility. The success rate of in vitro fertilization at the Center reached the level of 47% in 2009, the European average being 33%. We note that the first IVF experiments were performed in the UK under the teacher Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards still 30 years ago. The first child conceived through IVF method was born in 1978. In the United States the first success of IVF method was reported in 1981. In the former USSR the first child conceived through IVF method was born in 1986, in Ukraine – in 1991. Romania reported the birth of the first child produced by assisted reproduction in 1996.

We do not know if the reporter Maia Visterniceanu or specialists of the National Center for Reproductive Health have overlooked other implications of in vitro fertilization method.

  • We want to know which is the total number of embryos conceived so far by this method?
  • We also want to know how many of these embryos were implanted in the uterus of women and then, how many of the implanted embryos were aborted?
  • We want to know how many embryos are frozen now and how many of them have already been eliminated from the program?

Only during 1998-1999, just over two years, in the United Kingdom 70,000 human embryos died during the implementation of “in vitro” fertilization method, while only 8300 children were born. Applying the same rate, I can assume that in Moldova, to get these 1000 children at birth, 8400 embryo, i.e children, were knowingly killed, because the life of the embryo has the same value in the eyes of God that has the life of each of us who have been born and live on this earth. I suppose that even greater is the number of the embryos which are frozen.

Do the collaborators of the mentioned medical institution and people from the Ministry of Health think that behind the board were it is written “The National Center for Reproductive Health” there is a factory of genocide worse than Auschwitz? Who will stop this genocide?

Translated by Felicia Rotaru