What to do when your father claims to be a believer, but beats your mother?


My parents are Baptist, we go to church, pray, do everything that some Christians should do. We read the Bible and worship God, but often, it seems that evil comes in our house and everything changes from good to bad. Parents are fighting, sometimes my father beats my mother. I do not know how to react to what happens because I would like to love my father, but I just can not, because he has done too much evil to our family. I need an advice.

I have previously written an article, and there I advised a boy how to proceed when his father beats his mother. The father of that the boy did not claim to be a believer. I recommend you first to read the advice that I gave that young man.

If the father claims to be a believer and allows to beat your mother, you must first go to the church pastor and tell him what situation is at home. Call the pastor to come to your home and talk with your father and with your mother.Normally, the pastor will have to take the necessary measures and, if necessary, will put your father at observation, and if he does not repent of the evil he had done and continues in the same way, he should be excluded from the church.

If he listens neither to the pastor nor to the church and if he continues to resort your mother to violence after he would be excluded from church, come back with another message, so that we may see what to do next, according to the Scriptures.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru