Life – a difficult experience

Lately, I have heard more and more how people suffer because of the hardships and troubles in their lives, and for this reason I wanted very much to write something on this subject. I do not know how many of us realize it, but a moral preparation for this issue will help many people to look at the difficulties before them differently. Right now there are hundreds and thousands of people struggling with the needs and trials of this life, and if you are one of these people I hope this article helps you.

A surprise

Each of us likes surprises, and one specific thing about surprises is that they come unexpectedly, and if they are good then we enjoy them. Here I want to say that trials come unexpectedly like surprises, they do not ask us anything, they do not ask our permission but they simply get involved in our lives. We say that life is full of surprises and this is very true, life has many surprises: some are good, others less good, and here we are obliged to receive both. Receive the hardships of life with joy, because otherwise there’s a good chance you won’t be able to get over them.

You are not the only one

Trials are unique to everyone, but you are not the only one who goes through trials. If someone’s parents divorce, then he may think that he is the only victim to whom something like this has happened, but it is not correct, a lot of people have gone through and are going through such experiences. If you understand that you are not the only one in such problems, then it will be easier for you to deal with. At this moment, I am also going through great difficulties in life, in all areas, that’s why I tell you that you are not alone, dear friend.

The purpose of the tests

Trials come into our lives because they want to send us a message, or they want to teach us something precious. Sometimes they force you to suffer in order to understand something that you cannot understand by other methods. If, for example, you want to always be content in everything, when you have money and when you have no money, then how will you learn if God does not give you shortcomings because of which to suffer. Or if you want to become an experienced president of a country, then you will have to go through many difficult stages, sometimes maybe even removed from the position you have, then something else could come, it is certain that no one and nothing can teach you better than the hardships of life. Understand correctly the purpose of the trials that come into your life.

Be patient

One last thing I want to end this article with is patience when you are tested by the hardships of life. God is the one who sends trials to you, and He does not allow you to be tested beyond your powers. However, impatience could be a big failure for you in life. Some end up in the hospital with mental problems, others end up consuming excessive alcohol, others even end their lives. None of these things should happen in your life, because we care about you, because the country you live in needs you, because you are not the only one, because nothing is wasted in life even when you’re at rock bottom.

My dear friend, if you are really struggling with the hardships of life, allow me to encourage you to be a strong fighter who is not afraid of anything. If you are victorious then you will be exalted by God, and the maturity you will gain will allow you to look at life differently.

Ion Druță

Translated by Olya Trikolich