Is it posible to marry not kissing your future wife?


However it is very interesting for me to know about kissing. I have read your article, but the problem is that in our days, when there is nothing holy, relationships do not value anything for young people. I try to follow the Bible and soon I will be 20 years old, I am not a holy person, make mistakes as other people do, go to church on different occasions(actually, I live abroad and there are many catholics here, who I do not have a relationship with, the city is small and there are few churches, in Kiev I used to go to a protestant church with my mother), but in the future I will have a girlfriend and than a wife. I don’t think we will talk about religion, anyway I don’t think I can convince an atheist. So, about kissing, this shows the love towards the person you love, I don’t plan to have sexual relations with her till marriage, but even not to kiss her? No one girl will date a boy who does not have sex with her untill marriage, not even kisses or hugs her. It is very interesting to see what you will tell me to do regarding this, because in our days, with the moral values which people have, not to do all these things means to be a cast-off. In this way the inferiority complex may be develop. I did not date anybody because I was looking for that one, I was not interested nor in acohol or smoking… But most of young peopel are adicted of this, diferent parties untill morning, with a ton af alcohol and, of course, drinking untill loosing the control. I do not do this, because I am not very popular among people. I also have read the article”Why does God prohibit marriage to an unbeliever?” and it norrowed even more my life in the future… I know that it is needed to believe in God and to entrust in Him, but in this way I will stay a bachelor the whole life… What, how, where, why…

Write to me, please, because I have many unclearness…


The situation is not as disperated as you think because you do not live on an isolate island. I supose you did not look for a church in your town as you should do. Keep looking for it and even if there does not exist a church in that city, look for a church in the neighboring localities, because there have to be an evangelic church there.

 From your messege, however, I realized that you did not experienced the born again. It is very well that you atended a church and continue to do that, but you should know that a person becomes a true disciple  of Jesus only when he enters in the New Covenent with Him. If you are not truly born again you are not a disciple of Jesus and no one real christian girl with fear of God will not accept to marry you, how much she would love you or you would love her, because a christian can marry only in the Lord. But marriage should not be the reason of accepting and becoming a disciple of Christ. The love to God and the desire to be saved- this should be the motivation.

And also the love to God and listening to Christ should be your motivation not to accept dating or kissing before marriage, and not the thing that you are shine or have lack of initiative. God let the initiative to the man and you have to be a determined man with initiative, but in the limits estableshed by God and then when you will have all the convinction towords the girl God wants to give you as your wife, be determined in your actions when you will ask her to marry you.

Do not accept to be a sinner under the pretext that all people are so. All, or the most people go to perdition, but there is a norrow gate and a norrow way which lead to salvation and there are not many who enter and go this way. You be one of these few people. Be a disciple of Jesus and do not be conformed to this world, but choose to change by renewal of your mind, studying the Word of God and listening to Christ.

You say that no one girl will want to date a boy who refuses to kiss. It is true and you must not go and date, because this is in contrary to the teaching of Christ. Read carefully this  articol and follow its teachings and advice. I recomend you to read the comments of the article as well, because many young people who married not dating wrote their tesimonies there.

May God give you light and help you become a true disciple of Christ.