How to proceed when the employer does not punish workers who intentionally cause damage?


how a Christian should behave in the workplace, and I would like to ask you: what should you do when you tell the boss who is a brother in Christ that some employees (people from the world) would steal or do other things that we know they are sins, and he allows or covers them?

If you have seen someone steal or do other bad and damaging things at work and told the boss about it, it’s good. I hope you talked to the boss after you talked to that person. If you did, it’s enough and you do not have to do anything else. If the boss chose to do so, then he knows why he does that. Behold, this morning I read about David’s return after he was cast out by the son of Absalom, that Shimei, who cursed the king David, was now hurrying to go forth.

2 Samuel 19: 19-23)(NASB)

You saw, from Abishai’s point of view, the king did not do the right thing and tolerated a sin. But David was a wise man and knew that it was not the time to punish Shimei. However, Shimei did not remain unpunished. Before his death, David told his son Solomon, to whom he left the reign:

Now therefore, do not let him go unpunished, for you are a wise man; and you will know what you ought to do to him, and you will bring his gray hair down to Sheol with blood.” (1 Kings 2: 8-9)(NASB)

And Solomon has fulfilled his father’s commandment, as it says:

So the king commanded Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, and he went out and fell upon him so that he died. Thus the kingdom was established in the hands of Solomon. (1 Kings 2: 36-46)(NASB)

So Shimei did not remain unpunished for the iniquity that he did. If you told the boss about what happened, you do not have to do anything else anymore, for otherwise you would be one who interferes in the affairs of another and in the Bible, it is written:

Make sure that none of you suffers as a murderer, or thief, or evildoer, or a troublesome meddler. (1 Peter 4: 15)(NASB)

In fact, yes, there is something you have to do. Something very important. If you have not done that yet, go to those who steal or do other evil things and tell them about the Lord Jesus Christ about His love, and that through faith in Him, they can receive the forgiveness of sins and can receive the gift of eternal life and a new heart that they may no longer be robbed of thievery or other iniquity which they commit now. May the Lord give a good heart to your boss to tell them about Christ and eternal life and to call all of them to accept Christ, to confront them, but to help them become disciples of Jesus Christ.

Translated by Didina Cravcenco