How should young Christians behave when registering a civil marriage?

I have been asked by several young Christians who have decided to get married a few things about civil marriage registration.

First of all, I was asked whether the marriage is first performed and then the civil marriage is registered. The answer is NO. No pastor will marry you if you do not have your civil marriage registered. First register the marriage at the civil registry office, then officiate at the wedding. The marriage is valid not after registration at the registry office, but after the marriage. Marriage is a covenant to be made before God. Marriage is the official conclusion of this covenant before God.

Secondly, I was asked if I should accept the proposed organisation there, which would contain elements that would be inconvenient and involve some extra money. Would it be possible to just submit the application without any special organisation? My opinion is that it is necessary to organise a celebration there as well. Think about what testimony you are leaving? What will people there think of your attitude to marriage if you pay no attention to civil registration? It is a special event in life when you pick up your marriage certificate. I advise you to make it official, invite family members.

Things that make you uncomfortable you can refuse. For example, dancing or kissing. Speak to the registrar and explain that registering your civil marriage is just the beginning and will culminate in the wedding. Tell him that the kiss is for the wedding. Otherwise, give all the necessary formality to this event.

I also invite you to listen to this video about the behavior of young Christians during the engagement period.

Dear young people, I would like to remind you that in your family life spiritual things must be a priority. That is why I invite you to plan for September 23-25 to be together with the whole church at the spiritual growth seminar. We will be studying the book of II Peter. May God help you throughout your life to show that spiritual things are the priority!

Translated by Aliona Soltan