How is the wedding ceremony performed when people of different religions get married?


Being a Christian from a Baptist family, I know something about how marriage is formalized, but I don’t understand how a wedding ceremony is officiated between people of different religions?

After the question, I understand that the person who addressed it, is thinking of marrying a person of another religion; she comes from a Baptist family, but I understand that she is not a Baptist. Unlike the Orthodox Church, the Baptist Church does not believe that only Baptists are true Christians, we believe that all who read the Holy Scriptures and fulfill the teachings of the Holy Scriptures are Christians, even if in some ways they are different from us. We do not believe that Christians are those who deny the experience of being born again and do not search the Scriptures, and put other human teachings above the Word of God. These people who are part of such denominations are not true Christians who have entered into a covenant with God. 

When a Christian decides to marry a non-Christian, church discipline applies to him and those who go to marriage with a non-Christian are excluded from the church. In such a case, the marriage between a Christian and a person of another religion is not even conceived.

However, marriage is a divine institution, and when both spouses ask for the marriage to be formalized through a prayer, then the servants go home and pray for them, asking God’s blessing for their marriage, but this is also used as a purpose to speak the gospel to the other party who is not a Christian, in the hope that he or she will choose to follow the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ. We always make every effort to turn people wholeheartedly to God, to be true disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, and to follow His teaching.

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Translated by Ina Croitoru