How has Pamphilia given birth by cloning or what does the Bible say about cloning?

Pamphylia turned 34 and she wanted to have a child without getting married. She also didn’t want to adopt one. Her friends suggested her to apply “in vitro” fertilization with donated sperm, but she feared that the child would look more like the donor than like her, therefore, she did not accept such variant. She wanted to apply cloning and for that, doctors took many of Pamphylia’s cells from which they removed the nucleus. Then they collected as many as possible of her ova and removed the nucleus. Due to electricity, they introduced the nucleus from Pamphylia’s cells into her ova and placed them into a special environment, to see which of these embryos (living children) will survive. Their total number is 270. Finally, doctors decided to implant 10 of them in Pamphylia’s uterus, to freeze other 50 that are healthier and the rest of them they sent to the factory that produces cosmetics from them. It matters neither for Pamphylia nor for doctors, nor for those from the cosmetics factory, nor for women who apply these products that 210 innocent children were ruthlessly killed at once, though they have yet done neither good nor bad.

But, let us go back to Pamphylia who is pregnant with 10 children and is under medical supervision. The first week, 5 embryos were aborted because they have not managed to be attached to the uterine tissue to be fed. Five, however, took root and were growing. But Pamphylia decided to abort four more embryos, because she wanted only one child. She mercilessly gave the consent to kill them. Actually no, she herself asked their death, and she is the executioner of her own children.

Seven months passed and, because the child was not conceived naturally, as left by God, because her uterus was badly affected when the last four children were aborted, Pamphylia gave birth prematurely to a little girl and named her Pamphylina, being aware that this girl will be an exact copy of her.

Two months after the childbirth, after a test, doctors told Pamphylia that her small copy had a heart defect and she would not live more than 15 years. When they saw the horror on Pamphylia’s face (why wasn’t she so frightened when she killed 219 children and froze into a prison other 50 who were most healthy). But doctors said that those 50 frozen embryos can be the salvation for Pamphylina. They proposed Pamphylia to give birth to one more daughter, that would then donate her heart to her daughter. Pamphylia was thinking only about Pamphylina and accepted. Again they implanted 10 embryos and 9 of them were later aborted, or killed without mercy, and in other nine months another beautiful girl was born, that is an exact copy of Pamphylia. She called her Pamphylaria, not to be away from the mother’s name.

Time passes on and Pamphylia was attached with the same love for Pamphylina as for Pamphylaria, even if the first is abnormal and weak. Every night, Pamphylia goes to bed with her precious daughters, and after they fall asleep she thinks with horror that the time passes quickly and she will have to sacrifice one of them. Why shall she do? Let Pamphylina die? But was it not to save her that she gave birth to Pamphylaria? What shall she do now? Shall she give birth to another child who will be the heart donor? But there is no time to raise that child? What shall Pamphylia do after killing so many children? What shall she do with the others 30 frozen embryos? What will she do when she comes to the judgment of God, who said “Thou shall not kill”?

The story that is written above is invented by me, but Arthur Caplan, the director of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania assures us that the next seven years scholars will be able to clone humans and all that you have read here may become a reality.

What does the Bible say about cloning? I let you judge by yourselves and write your opinion on comments.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru