What does God say about abortion?

People’s opinions concerning abortion are very different and contradictory. In the middle of the last century, all people admitted that this practice is a crime and a premeditated murder and most countries banned it by law. Today, things have changed, many people don’t consider abortion as a crime and many states adopted the politics that promotes abortion. I have found in the UNO Action Plan for the Population of Moldova that 37,5% death cases of mothers in Moldova is abortion. In 2004, there were 441 abortions reported for every 1000 born alive child, and 1190 aborted children for every 1000 born alive infant in Transnistria. 10% of abortions from our country are done to teenagers. An article of Ludmila Sargov presents statistics that say that 78% of Moldavian women had 2 ore more abortions, and 6 years ago 83% of pregnancies were interrupted. Looking at all these numbers, it seems that this is a real genocide. What does God say concerning this practice?

The word “abortion” is not mentioned on the pages of the Holy Scriptures, but the Bible speaks a lot about murder and even presents a specific law that is applied to our subject and this throws light on abortion practice. Here is this text:

If men struggle with each other and strike a woman with child so that she gives birth prematurely, yet there is no injury, he shall surely be fined as the woman’s husband may demand of him, and he shall pay as the judges decide. But if there is any further injury, then you shall appoint as a penalty life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise. (Exodus 21:22–25)(NASB)

This text proves the following truths:

1. God protects the lives of the fetus and of the mother equally

The Bible says that if the child is born prematurely and there is no injury, those men who struggled with each other and stroke the pregnant woman will pay the damage, because they interrupted the normal growth of the fetus. But if there is any other injury, they will pay equally. What does other injury mean? The first one is the death of the fetus or of the mother, or of both of them. If there is one of these case, the men who struggled will have to pay with their lives, they will be put to death, even if there was no premeditated murder. Abortion is a premeditated murder and how much far worthier of death are the murderers. But people began to believe a lie nowadays, that is repeated so often by mass-media, that the fetus doesn’t have life, it is not a person, it is not a human being, etc. God states categorically that…

2. The life of the fetus has the same value as each of us does

God specifies in the same text from Exodus that there is no distinction between the life of the fetus and the life of the mother when an injury is to happen. The life of the fetus has the same value as the life of each of us, that’s why, the murderers, or the men who were struggling and stroke the woman had to pay with their lives. Don’t be deceived by those who say that the child is alive only at a certain time. God gives life to its full value when the man is conceived.

3. The father has the duty to protect the life of the fetus and of the mother

For many times, men send their wives away to abort children. or, maybe they have immoral sexual relations and then, because they do not want to marry and take any responsibility, they make girls or women have abortion. These men will carry the guilt of their sin for all their life, and even if we live in a state that doesn’t punish this premeditated murder, they will not escape God’s judgement. The father of the child has the duty before God and before his child to provide his wife during her pregnancy with good conditions for the child to grow. This duty doesn’t restrict only to them…

4. The state and the society have the duty to protect the life of the fetus

The Scripture says that, when two men struggle and stroke the pregnant woman and she gave birth prematurely, without any injury, they had to “be fined as the woman’s husband may demand of him, and he shall pay as the judges decide”. Judges were the representatives of the state and they had to make right decisions to protect the life and the health of the fetus, of the mother and of the whole family. How sad it is to see how today, the state makes different programs and hospitals to protect the mother and the child and at the same time, they accept and promote abortion that is a premeditated crime. It is not the same with God, because…

5. God protects the life of the man

The One who created and gives life, says in His Word to take the life of the murderer. This is not because He didn’t value his life, but because the life of every person is inestimable, and it can be replaced with nothing and the price of the victim’s life can be paid only with the life of the murderer. This truth is very often repeated on the pages of the Holy Scriptures and God says categorically:

If anyone kills a person, the murderer shall be put to death at the evidence of witnesses, but no person shall be put to death on the testimony of one witness. Moreover, you shall not take ransom for the life of a murderer who is guilty of death, but he shall surely be put to death. (Numbers 35:30–31)(NASB)

If you had an abortion, or if you sent your wife, or the woman that wasn’t your wife, but committed adultery with her – you are guilty of premeditated crime. If you are a doctor and accepted to do abortion, you are guilty as well, because you had the calling to heal people and to protect their lives, but you changed into a murderer and an assassin. Even if all “great scholars” try to convince you that you did a ‘”good thing”, you know better that you are a murderer and your conscience, that is God’s law put in your heart will remind you this. The judgement of God will come when you will be judged for every murder of an innocent child. As a priest of God and led by the authority of the Word of God, I tell you that you can be saved only by Jesus Christ, if you enter a covenant with Him. Read attentively the Holy Bible to find out the character of Jesus Christ and His plan of salvation for your life. Look for a church where the Word of God is preached and you can get healthy education that will help you build up a relation with God. Don’t let time pass, because you are neither the master of your time nor of your life. Repent and take an attitude against this evil.

If you haven’t committed this crime, don’t remain indifferent when you see bad people promoting this great evil. Take attitude to stop this genocide. Tell others the truth you found out reading this article.

Translated by Felicia Djugostran