Eight (8) useful articles for Christians who are preparing to graduate from high school and go to college

Because students are in the period of examinations, I thought that it would be useful to recommend them this article:

Then, those who have now their final tests and those who want to go to college but have not decided or are unsure about choosing their future profession, may find these articles useful:

I pray for high school graduates who are children of God born again through faith in the Lord Jesus to think of the great needs that the Church in our country has and choose the college according to these needs.

Most politicians now make laws that are against the Word of God and against people. Just think of the recent laws that have been or are in process to be adopted and that created great discussion in society because Christians opposed. I know you will say that there are already so many Christians who have the faculty of law, history, economics, etc. Yes, you’re right, but most of them went to college just to have a faculty, to have high education or to pursue a career in life.  Now it is a desperate need for gifted young men and women who will go to college and then engage in politics and promote there divine values.

Another great need that the Church has in our country are specialists in the media. It is a desperate need for Christian journalists, reporters, presenters who would present divine values ​​and address the reality from the perspective of God. I pray God to raise in our country people who would found Christian radio stations, newspapers, magazines and television channels where the sound doctrine of God’s Word would be taught.

Another need is the lack of qualified teachers who would teach the Word of God in schools. Last year in autumn God opened the doors of schools, as there had never been before. Unfortunately, however, we must note that the evangelical churches in the country have benefited very little from this opportunity, because it is very little the number of teachers who were ready to be trained and involved in schools.

Think of the above needs, and come before God, pray and let Him speak to your heart, give you a vision for life and show you the way you should choose now.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru