Are Christian couples allowed to use artificial insemination?


I want to know the biblical and Christian point of view, if a pair of Christians could make artificial insemination because it is the only solution. What shall I do?

Artificial insemination is the name given to any type of procedure that places sperm in the reproductive tract by means other than intercourse. Artificial insemination is often used when the male partner can not ejaculate during intercourse or when a woman has ovulation problems or cervical mucus. There are four main types of artificial insemination:

  1. IUI or intrauterine insemination
  2. ICI or intracervical insemination
  3. IVI or intravaginal insemination
  4. ITI or intratubal insemination

All these methods involve placing sperm inside the female reproductive tract by medical methods, not by sexual contact. I do not know any biblical text or argument that would condemn these four methods mentioned above when a couple who have no children want to use one of them.

The situation is quite different when it comes to in-vitro fertilization (IVF). This method involves extraction of male and female sex cells outside the human body and their artificial fertilization (in tube), after which a large number of embryos (30 -50) is obtained, i.e. children whose life is equal to the life of each of us. Of these 30-50 children only a small number are introduced into the woman’s uterus to see how many of them have a chance to grow, and if more start to grow, a number of them will be exposed to so-called “embryonic reduction”, that means they will be aborted. The remaining embryos, which fail to be inserted into the uterus, are either frozen or kept for another possible pregnancy, or are destroyed in most cases (as it is done in Moldova), and in some countries (China) they are used to prepare vitamins for the cosmetics industry. What normal person can agree to develop 30-50 children, to give birth to one of them and to kill the rest of them? Christians will never use these evil methods, but they will also make every effort to stop this great evil.

If you have turned to artificial insemination and nevertheless you can not conceive children, think about the option of adoption.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru