87 inductive Bible study textbooks have been translated into German

From February 27 to March 2, we had the opportunity to visit Munich and have a meeting with the Precept Ministries team that promotes the method and materials of inductive Bible study in the following German-speaking countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and Liechtenstein, a total of about 110 million people of which over 81 million live in Germany. Nigel Watts, coordinator of the Precept Ministries for England and Scotland, also attended the meeting.

The coordinator of Precept Ministries for this area is Georg Huber. Coming from a family of university language professors, Georg as a child was very passionate about zoology and did his doctorate in this field, dedicating himself to his research career. But when he became acquainted with the work of the Precept Ministries mission, Georg devoted himself to this work. In addition to coordinating, Georg translates inductive Bible study materials from English into German. The number of titles translated so far has reached 87. Sister Gisela is one of the leaders and deals with the distribution of materials and correspondence. Gisela’s son Philip served as a pastor in the United States, but now he and his wife have returned to Germany to join this team and work to advance the Word by teaching seminars. A special desire of this team is to work with 36 key Bible schools in Germany and Austria and they are currently praying intensively for this work.

The TV show “Precepts for Life” was a great success, through which Kay Arthur conducted a study of several books in the Bible. 6 such courses were translated into German and broadcast on Christian television. Through these courses alone, 150 Bible study groups with 650 people were formed.

In addition to the evaluation and planning discussions, I also talked about the work of our mission throughout Eurasia. Testimonies from other countries encouraged the team, even though in Western countries there is now a spiritual numbness and lack of interest on the part of people in spiritual things.

In those days the carnival took place in Germany. On the train I met Mr. Toni who dressed so as to surprise those at home. I learned from him that he is an auditor in the archdiocese of the Catholic Church. We also told him about the inductive studies and he showed interest in our materials and intended to contact the Precept Germany office to receive the desired materials.

I also did an interview in German with Georg Huber. If you know people who speak German, you can recommend this video to them to find out the necessary information and to request inductive Bible study materials.

For more information contact the site precept-ministries.de

Translated by Olya Trikolich