Why will the parlamentary elections be on Wednesday?

As it was possible, I watched closely the development of political events in our country after the things that happened on April 7th. Many things have happened for the first time and it seems that their list has not yet finished. I was surprised when I heard that the second elections date was set on July 29th, which is Wednesday, and not in a day of rest, on Sunday, as it has always been since independence onwards. As all others have done it, I also asked myself: “Why?” I realized that this is another trap set on us and it seeks the manipulation of voters and the restriction of freedoms.

Now I am in Kiev together with my daughter, where I was invited to teach a course of Evangelism through sports for more than 30 athletes gathered from Ukraine and from other countries, who came to learn how to use sports to lead people to Christ. We chose to travel by bus and on our way we had some interesting discussions with other passengers who shed more light on the possible purpose that was intended when the election date was set on July 29th.

Eleonora is a student at the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova and she goes the U.S. through the “Work and Travel” program to gain something for her studies. When she heard that elections will be in a working day, she realized that it would be very difficult for her to be able to ask for free time at her workplace, especially since she will need three days: one day to go up to Chicago, then one day to stay there to vote and another day to go back. It will be very difficult to get those three days. But, I told her that it was not impossible and I advised her to go in the first days to her employer and explain how important it was to participate in those elections for her future, and the future of the children and of our whole country.

Mr. Nicu, another passenger, is married and together with his wife have three children. He went to Kiev to get his visa for the Netherlands, where he goes every week to bring a car for those who buy them to order. Mr. Nicu was also very concerned and unhappy because he always leaves on Monday and comes home on Friday, but because the elections will be on Wednesday, he will have to stay home that week and this will create him many difficulties. However, Mr. Nicu decided to stay home that week to give his vote to defend freedom and democracy.

After I talked and listened to these two passengers, I asked myself: Isn’t it this intention to set the election date on July 29th, as to make impossible the participation in the elections of many fellow citizens who are at work over abroad?

I grieved for the moment, but I soon remembered the Word of God that says:

He who digs a pit will fall into it, and he who rolls a stone, it will come back on him. (Proverbs of Solomon 26:27)(NASB)

I also remembered the beautiful way how God has answered all our prayers so far. After the events on April 7th, each time when it was an important session of the Parliament, especially when the President had to be elected, we chose to fast with the whole church the day before the event and I called all readers of the portal to fast without eating and without drinking anything, just to shout at God. Our prayer was that God does not allow deputies to vote of cowardice or because they are under pressure and intimidation. And God has responded miraculously, as we asked.

Then, even after April 7th, I fasted and I called Christians in the whole country to come together and ask God to keep us from bloodshed. The Almighty has listened to us. It is true that it hurts us a lot for the four young people who were killed dastardly and the girls who were raped and humiliated and we pray God to give comfort to those who suffer so far, and at the same time, we thank God that He had not allowed conflicts with bloodshed and gave wisdom to the leaders of opposition to not be provoked by anyone and to act patiently according to the legal framework.

Given all these experiences that we have seen the strong hand of God, let us keep our faith and run to Him after deliverance and mercy.

I invite all readers of Christian Moldova portal to fast without eating and without drinking anything every Wednesday until the Election Day – July 29th.

Tomorrow I will come with a new short ad on the portal in which I will tell you what to pray and fast for next Wednesday – June 24th.

I invite readers to write their opinion: Why do you think the election will be on Wednesday?

Translated by Felicia Rotaru