Why is IN VITRO fertilization a problem?


Why is IN VITRO fertilization a problem? Why are opinions divided among believers? Why do some Christians resort to this procedure?

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Why does in vitro fertilization (IVF) become necessary and what is the problem with this method?

Sterile couples who cannot have children use in vitro fertilization. In Moldova, 20% of couples are infertile. For 2,500,000 women, infertility can only be solved by in vitro fertilization.

Normally, a woman’s body produces an egg every month. When using the IVF method, due to infertility, the woman is given drugs that strongly stimulate the woman’s body to release not one egg, but a large number of eggs, which can reach up to 50. They are extracted and then fertilized with husband’s semen. From the moment of fertilization we are dealing with embryos. When the male seed meets the egg, we are dealing with a living soul. From the moment these two cells merge, there is a living soul. After these embryos have been obtained, they are inserted into the woman’s uterus. A larger, reserve number is introduced, in the hope that at least one will attach to the wall of the uterus and develop, grow and reach birth. In some cases, none attach, and in other cases more can be attached – 3, 4, 5. In these cases it is decided whether all remain or embryonic reduction is resorted to, so that 1, 2, or 3 remain to develop until birth if there is no danger. Some of the embryos that were produced, but did not enter the mother’s uterus, are frozen and stored so that they can be used later for another fertilization.

If this information is not correct, I invite doctors to comment. Maybe medicine has advanced without me knowing. I would very much like a specialist in the field to tell us. I expose things as far as I have studied and know them.

We now return to the subject. There is no problem with that embryo or maybe two embryos, which have started to develop and are eventually born. The problem is with other embryos. Embryos were obtained and stored. Other embryos from the start are inserted into the mother’s uterus with the thought that they will not attach and will be aborted. Others are intentionally aborted. This is a game with human lives. What sane person would agree to go to a procedure that he is told will involve the conception of about 50 children, of whom only one, two or three will remain alive, because the rest will be killed?

Why do Christian doctors refuse to participate in Christian shows about in vitro fertilization?

I just have some assumptions. I don’t know exactly why each of them refuses. In vitro fertilization is a big deal. I read about it in the newspapers, I read  articles about it. I don’t think Christian doctors have anything to gain from this. It doesn’t even cross my mind. But, I think they’re likely to be intimidated at work, in the position they have. These people need great boldness to preach the gospel. This is an area where they just have the opportunity to talk about the value of life, about the Lord Jesus Christ, about the gospel. I can’t explain why either. I see that they avoid the subject, they are not ready to come forward and express their opinion.

We invite Christian doctors to help us with explanations

We have heard that some of the doctors accuse us of discussing this subject too radically or unilaterally, because we do not know what we are talking about, we do not know well how things are. It’s possible. I am a pastor. I am not a doctor to study this problem all day. As far as I have studied until now, the problem remains. It seems to me that the number of embryos that are produced has decreased a little, but the problem remains.

I invite doctors to help us understand what we do not know fully. I even invite you to write what we don’t know in the comments. Give us explanations, give us a video. Maybe this procedure no longer has the serious sinful implications we discussed? I mean murder, the taking of life. If medicine has advanced so far that there are no more of these issues that we have discussed, then come and bring this information. Otherwise, how can we know? We expect from Christian doctors a clear opinion, a scientific position.

I have previously done an episode of the show Truth about Truth on this subject. I invite you to watch it and write your comments:

What should Christian couples do who have intentionally or unknowingly resort to IVF?

If things have happened, if they have participated in the killing of their own children through IVF, these couples must confess their sins. In the first epistle of John it is written thus:

If we say that we have no sin, we are deceiving ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous, so that He will forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. (1 John 1:8-9 NASB)

If there are couples guilty of this sin, who live as if nothing had happened, as if they had not sinned, then Scripture says that the truth is not in them and they live a lie. But if they confess their sins, God is faithful and just to forgive them and to cleanse them from all unrighteousness. To confess sins is not just to say them, to enumerate them, but it is to agree with God. If God confronts you with a sin, rebukes you, and you begin to justify it, that “such were the circumstances,” “we had nowhere to go,” “we want to have children, too,” this is not confession. Confession is when you fully acknowledge sin, feel sorry, and ask for forgiveness. In this show, I explained what confession of sins really means. I invite you to watch it.

The person who confesses his sin speaks to God about it in the same way as God speaks. The person who has confessed his sin will always stop others from this sin. God promises in Scripture to those who confess their sins to forgive them of all iniquity, and in vitro fertilization is a great iniquity, the murder of their own children, and even in great numbers. I urge you right now to confess your sins. Kneel before God, weep over your sin, and ask God for forgiveness.

Translated by Aliona Soltan