Why does Europe collapse?

A short article published on http://www.antena3.ro relates the following:

A report published yesterday by the European Parliament shows that a marriage breaks up and an abortion is performed every 30 seconds in the states of the European Union. EP warns that the family life collapses in Europe. The same document specifies that the birth-rate is critical, especially in those 27 countries of the Union. In 2007 were born almost one million children less then in 1980. Another poll, made by the Family Policy Institute in these states, shows that the number of pensioners outruns the number of teenagers and more persons live alone.

Why does this happen in Europe? Why does European Union collapse, if it just has been constituted?

Isn’t it so, because they don’t receive God anymore and they don’t want to remember His Name anywhere? Isn’t it so, because they gave full scope to immorality? Isn’t it so, because they allowed homosexuals and lesbians to do all they wanted? Isn’t it so, because they raised up and continue to raise up sin as a virtute? Isn’t it so, because they legalized the murder of innocent children by allowing abortion? Isn’t it so, because they abolished the death penalty for murderers and in that way they set more store on murderer’s life than on victim’s life?

I don’t want this take place in Moldova, that’s why I went out at the Family March. I don’t want this take place in Moldova, that’s why, I will insist on the outlaw of the homosexual organization “Gender Doc-M” and on the annulment of the Antidiscrimination Law until it includes representatives of the civil society.

Don’t remain indifferent!

Translated by Felicia Djugostran