Why do women from Moldova become prostitutes?

I asked myself this question after I had read at the news this article that panged me to the innermost of my heart. Here is the introduction of the article…

Last week the magazine “Tempo”, that is distributed in Turkey and Cyprus,  published an article with the title “Bussines and sex tourism”, where the Republic of Moldova was presented as a big tolerance house, where Turkish men satisfy their sexual desires. In that article there are presented the testimonies and the impressions of some Turkish citizens, that had recently visited the Republic of Moldova. According to them, the life at night is very diverse in Chisinau: “A lot of night clubs! Almost daily they are full! The girls dance even on the bar. If there is someone who appreciates her, that means they will spend the night together”, declared the Turkish men for “Tempo” magazine.

Why have we come to the point to hear how our country is called “a big tolerance house”, not by one particularly, but by a foreign magazine? Why do Moldovian women, after they made our country famous by prostituting, make it now a “big tolerance house, where Turkish men satisfy their sexual desires”.

The lack of knowldege about God

When Israel was in a similar situation, God spoke to them through the mouth of the prophet Hosea and He said:

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6)(NASB)

Before the Soviet govern came, people had been used to go to church on Sunday and they had feared God. They hadn’t studied the Scriptures systematically, but, anyway, going to church, they had been listening to the sermons and the divine services and had had a certain fear for God. Then, there were many years of Soviet governing, where Communists did their utmost to smother the faith in God from the people’s hearts. They wanted to create a new man, a moral man, a strong character man, but without God. This is imposible. If people depart from God, there is no any good reason to live beautifully and purely. Nowadays things are the same. By the way, while Moldova was suppressed by the Turkish empire for a long period, there were taken children among the things that were stolen, and sometimes they even took women. They were forced to become slaves. Today, women go and sell themselves in other countries and they even got to the point to turn the country into a big tolerance house. Christian faith protected people in those times and being suppressed by Turkish people, they didn’t allow the paganism to enter their hearts and houses. Then, the Turkish had no success to spread Islam in our country. The factor that protected us mostly was the faith in God. The lack of this factor has brought us to the point that some Moldovian women has turned our country into a “a big tolerance house”.

They walked after emptiness

When the people of Israel was very far away from God, He spoke to them through the prophet Jeremiah in this way:

What injustice did your fathers find in Me, that they went far from Me and walked after emptiness and became empty? (Jeremiah 2:5)(NASB)

 A big part of people embraced the atheist teaching of communism. But most of the people walked after emptiness and, finally, they became empty. Do you remember when the Brazilian soap operas began, people left away their work on the fields and they ran quickly at home to watch them on TV, so that they might not have lost any episode. Most of those soap operas were conceived in such a way that they destroyed the true values and promoted immorality. We see the results today. Only remember the movie “Alondra”, when a man left his family and it was shown in the whole movie how he lived in adultery with a young girl whom he had seduced. All was presented so romantic, that all spectators sided with the immorals, calling this “true love” and at the end of the movie, when the man came back to his family, they were almost crying that, poor man, he lost “the true love”. This “true love” presented in movies, destroyed so many lives and families, and some women came to the point that they had turned our country into a “big tolerance house”, how the Turkish magazine writes.

There is no any other escape for our nation then to turn to God. The Most High waits a true heartly turning, not only perfunctorily, not only because of  tradition, but a true return to a sincere personal relation with Him by faith in Jesus Christ.

Today I received a question from a reader of the portal “Why did God create the evil and the hell?” Tomorrow I will publish an article where I will answer to this question.

Translated by Djugostran Felicia