Why do some disciples not use the inductive study books?

We have seen the advantages of studying the Bible by the inductive method using textbooks. However, some people do not use textbooks. Why?

Some say they don’t have time: they are too busy with other activities and do not make study a priority. Others say it’s too hard for them. Sometimes the disciples do not use a book because they have not discovered for themselves the benefits of studying the Word using these books, or have not been taught to work with them. One excuse may be that the books are expensive – they are not ready to invest in their spiritual growth. Often the cause can be a lack of discipline.

How can we help our disciples overcome these obstacles?

Of course, first of all, we need to show them the importance of studying the Word, and the value of inductive study. We can show them what impact the study has had on our lives or that of one of our disciples. Then explain to them the advantages of using the manual. Never lose sight of the fact that people need to know the benefits of studying the Word from the book.

People are very receptive when you talk about something related to their own needs. Therefore, it is good when we want to introduce someone to inductive study, to know the problems they face and to choose a course that is relevant to their needs.

When starting a study group with people who have not studied using these books, it is important to set aside time to complete with them at least the material for a day or two. It would be great if in the beginning we could organize a seminar for a day or two and complete with them at least one lesson from the book. It is good to work individually with each one. Pay attention to how your disciples complete the book, and from time to time complete the book together and help them overcome the difficulties they encounter when working with the book.

If the problem is a lack of discipline, we must help our disciples to organize their time well and set their priorities correctly. They need to understand that 5 hours a week to study God’s Word is not so much, and repeating it regularly for 30 days becomes a habit.

Let us take as an exhortation the words of the apostle Paul to Timothy:

 …be ready in season and out of season… (2 Timothy 4:2)( NASB)

May the Lord help us in the work to which He has called us.

Translated by Didina Vicliuc