Why do children cry at lesson?

Today I and other parents whose children study with my sons in the  school were invited to attend a lesson that had the subject “Honour your parents”. The teacher, Mrs. Tamara Ostapenco prepared a good lesson and children were very active and creative too. There were used verses form the Book of Proverbs, an interesting story and children played a very nice skit.

In the end of the lesson, the teacher told the children to listen to a song that advised them to value their parents as long as they live because time comes when our parents die and we will not have them anymore. All of us were very surprised when suddenly, a girl who was sitting at the first desk began to cry. After her other girls began to cry too, and guys were looking so surprised.

Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to find out the reason why that girl was crying, but when our son Daniel is home I am going to find out more. Daniel also told me that they have in their class a boy who hasn’t seen his mother for 8 years and he even doesn’t remember how she looks, because he was very little when she left for Italy to work. Maybe this is a reason why some children cry at the the lesson…

Translated by Felicia Djugostran