Why canonical and apocryphal books are different from the Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants?


The Bible is the Word of God. Then, why the list of canonical texts is different, depending on the denomination? Why Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant Bibles are different? Isn’t the Word of God uniform? Or has man sinned, deciding what is canonical and what is apocryphal?

The good news is that the list of canonical books of the Bible is the same for the Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants.

Regarding the content of the New Testament, there is no difference and it is the same for the Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants. The differences are in the Old Testament, but there, all the main branches of Christianity also recognize that there are only 39 canonical books of the Old Testament whose divine origin has been established before the beginning of Christianity.

Other books included in the Orthodox or Catholic Bibles are apocryphal and those churches never placed them alike the canonical books, even if they were included between the walls of the Bible.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru