Why are we attacking the family?

It is no longer a secret that the family institution suffers in the Republic of Moldova. The family has become a vulnerable institution and increasingly ignored by most. Already the words of the well-known Mother Teresa — that if you want to change the world, go home and love your family — will remain something of the realm of the distant past. If we want a strong country, we must understand that without strong families it will be practically impossible to achieve. Now, when the family institution suffers enormously, we are in a hurry to legalize pagan holidays like “Dragobete” with great pomp. What’s more, the press with great pride keeps showing us marriages that last for only 24 hours. That’s how much the family began to value in our country. 

In a society where the divorce rate exceeds that of marriages, where children are born out of wedlock and where chastity and purity are trampled values, we also wake up with 24-hour families. In my opinion, it is an attack and a mockery of what should be holy. 

We must once again understand that family is our connection with the past and the bridge to the future. And if we continue to promote such pagan holidays where, in fact, the element of immorality predominates, we will destroy this country once and for all. No more social, economic or political reform will help us.  Who are all these reforms done for if the family institution is trampled on, or worse, family policies are made by people who hate this divine institution? It is divine because its author, God, wants it as it was created. If in the past divorces were extremely rare, cohabitation were isolated cases, and those who wanted to start a family did it at church, today the world is different, in a few decades the once predominant model – the married couple, with children born during marriage – fell apart.

Today’s family is under overwhelming siege. Divorce, adultery, role crisis, congestion, financial pressures, extra-family worries, and lack of time spent together bring family life to the brink of collapse. Apparently, we live in an important and uncertain era, and the family institution is certainly in a state of uncertainty. According to the Bible, marriage is the only God-appointed framework for expressing sexual intimacy. The faithfulness of the partners reflects the unchanging love that God manifests in his relationship with every human being. 

Eve’s creation demonstrates the divine plan for Adam’s marriage and for all subsequent marriages: a lifelong relationship between a husband and a wife.

Even if those who promote “Dragobete” say that it is an innocent joke, then the question arises for those who want to promote it.

What messages do you send to the younger generations who, unfortunately, do not really see role models of fulfilled families? Let’s not forget that today’s young people hardly discern the values from non-values, and then such messages only sow bad seeds that will further destroy the family institution.

The family is the nucleus where the beneficial reactions for healing society’s suffering are expected. And we have a society that suffers and suffers badly. Then the whole family leads us to the unique place we so fondly call “home.” Let’s protect the family together if we want to be able to say “I’m going home.” And instead of promoting such immoral and pagan holidays, to better teach the younger generation that a country can prosper and have a future only when it has strong families at home.

Translated by Liza Birladeanu