Who (what) do you communicate the most with?

The world we live in has got the most advanced and sophisticated means of communication, but, what seems paradoxically is that a great number of people suffer because of lack of communication. Why so? In this article I want to share with you some personal meditations concerning the things that I have noticed around me.

Communication on (with) cell-phone

Last days our family went to a cafe to have a pleasant time there. We discussed many interesting things, and suddenly we looked around and saw something that is met very frequently our times. Near us was a man with two children. He wanted to make a surprise to his children and invited them to have ice-creams at that cafe. But, while the children were eating their ice-creams and discussing with each other, the man was totally out of their discussion, and he was very busy with his cell-phone. He was calling somebody up, then he searched again through the phonebook, introducing new numbers, I couldn’t imagine that he was playing. I looked at the opposite table. There were sitting two young ladies and each of them was very concerned with her cell-phone. They were not discussing. At another table parents were discussing something and children were playing at their cell-phones. Then I looked at the whole room and I saw that almost half of those who were there were talking on cell-phones and were busier with that tool of communication, than with the persons they had invited. Then I asked myself: Why have they invited their family, or friends, or children at the cafe, if they don’t have time to talk to them? I was sure that their guests asked themselves the same question…

Communication with the TV

During the whole day the parents are at work and children are at school, that’s why, it is necesarry to have a pleasant time communicating with the whole family, and usually this is possible only in the evening. Unfortunately, there are many families where the TV monopolises the whole evening. It offers many chanels. And sometimes the members of the family can even quarrel regarding the chanel they want to watch. In this way, people live in the same house and don’t communciate with each other, they only quarrel and quarrels are not communciation, they destroy communication.

Communication with the computer

Some time ago there were few houses where you could find a computer, today the number of those who have personal computer and laptops in their houses has enormously increased. A computer offers many possibilities (music, movies, Internet, etc.). Last week somebody told us that their 5 years old child was very dependent on computer, and every time the parents limited his time at the computer, he became very hysterical. It was good that parents realized quickly and managed to interrupt that bad habit that he had at such a young age. Last week I was also at the parents’ meeting to the school. When the teacher said that they didn’t have sufficient computers for each child, one of the parents said in a loud voice: “Don’t allow them at the computer!…” Then the teacher explained that at school they don’t teach children to play, but how to use the computer for useful activities, such as typing, creating documents, reports, etc. Do you have a personal computer? Do you have computer at home? Who do you communicate more with: with the computer or with the members of the family?

Take priority of communicating with people

When you come home in the evening, think at your family, spend time communicating with them, to find out about them, to build up relations with them. Time passes very quickly. Children grow up and they seemd so little yesterday and now they already live the house. That’s why, don’t lose time and don’t discuss things that don’t deserve, but communicate with your children, communicate with your wife, with beloved people and build up relations with them.

Translated by Djugostran Felicia