Who discriminates against whom? | Editorial Radu Blendarencu

I remember about 14 years ago, the pastor of the church “Buna Vestirea” in Chisinau, Vasile Filat, tried his best to convince society that organizations that promote same-sex marriages methodically prepare their ground to carry out their plan to completion. Very few took him into account then, saying that they were just a handful of people. It’s just that this handful of people have shown insistence, tactics and knew how to promote themselves everywhere over the years. They developed various programs, slogans and public activities and made all those who do not support their immoral way of life, to be categorized as homophobic and intolerant. These words caught on to the public and we have now come to see how these people, strongly supported from abroad, have taken deep roots in our country as well.

I do not think that it will be long before they will ask the Parliament to change the article of the constitution that defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Why do I say this, precisely because this year I also saw elected members of the people who marched triumphantly with them. And as a legislator, I don’t think it will cost him anything to come up with such bills. Moreover, the followers and promoters of this community were “delighted” by the way the state protected them for the second year in a row. Being thus encouraged by the attitude of the state, things are moving in the direction that Pastor Vasile Filat once said.

They have the right to say what they want, while we, if we expose ourselves against the public way of life displayed by them, will have to answer to the law for hate speech. The days have come when justice and morality are categorized as hatred. When common sense is no longer OK and when millions of lei are spent on the country’s budget for several hundred people to cover a distance of a few kilometers. It has become OK for thousands of police officers to protect the public exposure of a sexual preference, and when the celebration of family was organized, these police officers disappeared. I’m wondering why? Does the family no longer need to be protected? Shouldn’t the traditional family, which is a divine and by no means human institution, be protected and promoted? Can’t we have a strong nation with strong families? In fact, the message was discouraging. The family in our country is no longer seen as valuable. And if I try to promote it, I will be warned that there are other “forms” of families than the known ones.

The fact that we arrived here is also due to many of us who were indifferent and who grew tired in this fight for values ​​and for the defense of the family institution. It is due to us that we thought that this handful of people are too few to be able to overturn the values ​​of the family on which any nation is based. The worries of this world have stolen so much from us, and we no longer want to expose ourselves publicly with what the Holy Scriptures say about this sin. To tell the truth does not mean that I discriminate against anyone. Never, but never, did I want my sin to be displayed in public, guarded by police, and promoted as a value. And I haven’t seen anyone say it’s OK with their sin. Everyone is free to do with his body what he likes. Relationships and sexual pleasures, however, are part of the most intimate sphere of personal life and within the framework established by God. It is not a social issue or an interest for society that they have done. And I don’t understand how and who discriminates against them if the whole sexual aspect is related to everyone’s privacy. Why do you display it publicly? At least between decent and civilized people there should be no such approach, and displaying them in public is at least in bad taste.

Translated by Didina Cravcenco