Where does justice, judgment and impartiality come from? | Editorial

King Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, once advised his son on wisdom. And the book of Proverbs in Holy Scripture is an inexhaustible source of wisdom. Our duty as parents is to teach our children how to be wise. Unfortunately, there are many parents who do not spend time with their children at all and have never taught them how to approach things wisely in life. You see, most of them aim at rapid enrichment, believing that the material condition will make you a seen and wise man, but at the same time it neglects another important aspect, namely investing and forming a character of integrity. Solomon tells his son if “he will receive the words of wisdom, if he will keep them with him, if he will bend his heart to skill, and if he will ask for it and seek it like silver and walk after it like a treasure, then he will understand the fear of God and find the knowledge of God.”

Only God is the source of pure wisdom, and whoever runs to Him will be a wise man. It is not enough to know about God, to have intellectual knowledge about religions and denominations. This is not enough. It is paramount for each of us to keep and bow our hearts to God’s Word. Moreover, we are told to look for it like gold. I sit and think about the things the world offers us. Good material condition in a short time, solid health, career or pleasures of the moment. These are the things that most of us are looking for and directing our attention to. But only those who fear God and walk in innocence are promised something, namely, “they will receive victory, and a shield of protection will be around them.”  Moreover, God Himself tells us that our paths will be protected. You see, how much peace will come from the simple fact that we have chosen God’s offer to the detriment of the world.

The man who finds pleasure in the law of God and makes wisdom and knowledge the delight of his soul, will understand justice, judgment, and impartiality. These are the things we suffer so much as a nation. People placed in high positions to do justice and judgment are often biased against evil. It is not in vain that justice in our country no longer enjoys trust, it is not in vain that the legal culture leaves much to be desired, precisely because it lacks the fear of God — the only quality that can give us discernment to be able to do justice and fairness without being biased.

Another benefit of the man who seeks to run after the wisdom of God and to gather it in his heart is the fact that skillfulness will keep him from the wrong path, from people with perverted speech, from those who walk on crooked paths and are devious in their ways.  This is precisely one of the chapters in which we suffer enormously from the lack of discernment. We can no longer clearly distinguish good from evil or lies from truth.

Unfortunately, we believe so easily in the so-called modernist waves, but which gradually destroy us as a nation. Immorality, cohabitation, lying or manipulation have become accepted currents in society, for the simple reason that “everyone does the same.”  What’s sadder is that those people also make laws for us to live by. And if I promote the values ​​that really matter and that will bring health to my country, we are categorized as “old” people.

Everyone must understand that justice, judgment, and impartiality have only one viable source, which is God. Without running to the wisdom that only God can give, we will suffer as a people for many years to come.

Choose the words of God, “For they are life to those who find them, and healing to all their body.” (Proverbs 4:22 NASB).

Translated by Nicoleta Vicliuc