What way to follow for a perfect relationship with God?


Please, if you can give me an advice … I am confused … I was born an Orthodox, I go to church with my family and try to have an unblemished life before Christ. But, I feel lost … All the customs of the Church that I attend, the behavior of the priests and parishioners from my church do not grow me. I leave the church always crying and sad for what I see there … I tried to go to other religions, but I still do not feel fulfilled. What way should I follow to feel my relationship with God a perfect one?

It is sad to hear about the disappointment you have experienced exactly where you should receive hope and faith in God’s truth. But, from the outset I want to draw your attention to the words of the Lord Jesus who said:

“I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.” (John 14:6)(NASB)

Only through personal knowledge of Jesus Christ you can have and feel perfect relationship with God. You must believe wholeheartedly in the Lord Jesus, repent and enter into a covenant with Him, that is the New Covenant described in the New Testament (in fact, that’s why it is called so).  At the conclusion of this covenant you will be born again and receive the Holy Spirit. You will always feel God’s presence in your heart because God’s Spirit will dwell in your heart.

Until you are born again you can never get to that relationship with God that you yearn so much now.

Below I give you some practical tips to follow them now:

  1. Start reading the Bible in its entirety. I suppose you have the Bible, but if you do not, look as soon as possible for the Bible and start reading it.
  2. If you have read the Bible in its entirety, I suggest you to get the inductive Bible study books and for beginning I recommend you the course “God, are you there?” through which you will study in depth the Gospel of John, and you will learn to research the Scriptures. It is a big difference to read and study the Bible.
  3. Look for a church close to you where the priest preaches healthy teaching from the Holy Scriptures (check it with what you read and study from the Bible) and the parishioners study the Bible. It is also important for the priest to live the Gospel message that he preaches, otherwise, your disappointment will grow more.
  4. Search for a group of Christians who study the Scriptures and live according to the healthy teaching and go to fellowship with them to study together. Here I want to alert you that some, under the pretext of studying the Bible in fact adhere to heretical teachings and I advise you to avoid this. If it gives more credit to the writings of men than to the Holy Scriptures, it is already dangerous.
  5. Begin to pray to God from the heart according to what you read from the Scriptures and according to what you feel and the needs you have and thank God for the way He always answer prayers.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru