What to do when you are physically abused by your “Christian” husband?


What can a woman do when she is physically and emotionally abused by her husband, who pretends he is a Christian? Moreover, as a father, he is also mistreating those three children they have got together. The situation is repeated for years. What can such a woman do, can she divorce?

abusedIf you say that your husband declares himself a Christian, then I suggest you do the following:

  1. Tell your husband that you will not tolerate his behavior, because it is not acceptable in any context and especially when he says he is a Christian.Tell him that if he continues to abuse you, then you will go to ask your pastor or priest to intervene.I do not know how seriously he will consider your decision, but be strong and keep your word and …
  2. When he resorts to abuse again, go to your pastor/priest to tell him this situation and ask him to intervene and apply church discipline to your husband, because the Scripture says that it shall be applied to each of those who are or claim to be Christians, but do not want to live under the conditions of the New Covenant which they entered.
  3. If there are no changes after the application of the church discipline, and he resorts to abuse next time, call the police to intervene. Yes, I said it.Call the police. That is why there are police to intervene to stop abuse.
  4. If the husband continues to abuse you after the police intervened, you only have to go and live separately a period of time to protect your children from the abuse of your spouse.
  5. Use this time of separation to pray and fast for the salvation of your husband (who certainly is not saved since he behaves so) and to restore your family.

I invite women who have experienced abuse from their alleged Christian husbands to expose on this subject.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru