What should evangelical Christians do when their relatives baptize their children?


I am married and I received the baptism in accordance with the teaching of the New Testament one year after my marriage. My husband says that he is an Orthodox Christian… We have godparents who have waited a child for many years and God gave them a wonderful boy. They invited us to christening party. Knowing that I disagree with the baptism of the child, they insist on my coming to the restaurant, other way they consider it a lack of respect from me. My husband says he will go alone if I refuse. What to do in this situation? I do not want my faith to be a burden to others if they believe that I do not respect them if I do not go to the christening party.

The godparents proceed according to their belief and if you do not go to their celebration, they will certainly take it as ignorance and disrespect.

If you go to the christening party, you will have the opportunity to tell people who will be at this celebration what writes the New Testament about baptism, why you chose to be baptized when you believed in the Lord Jesus and repented and how important faith for our salvation is.

I suggest you to read attentively the basic texts of the Scripture that speak on this subject, as to be well documented for any discussions you may have there.

At the same time, beware of any quarrel or misunderstanding and speak only to those who wish to listen and understand.

So, if you do not go, everyone will understand that you’ve ignored them and this is the way the faith in the Lord Jesus teaches you, which is not true. If you go to the baptism party and do not tell anyone anything about what you believe, no one will find out about your beliefs. And if you go and tell people what’s written in the New Testament regarding baptism and salvation, if not all, at least those who are interested will want to know more how to be saved.

Why to loose such a good opportunity to tell your relatives and friends about the Lord Jesus?

Translated by Felicia Rotaru