What is the value for Moldovans?


We passed the first round of the presidential election. It was an election with all the ingredients of an election campaign characteristic of our people. Everything was present, starting with lies and slander, misinformation, blackmail and ending with attacks on the person. The sad thing is that these persuasion techniques have taken hold of ordinary people. I wonder and ask myself if this is really the political culture of our nation and the true values we share? I still wonder why we don’t want to learn from the mistakes of history and always go back to where we started? Personally, I understood once again, and this election campaign confirmed to me, that we as a nation are not interested in the values that really matter and we do not need them. Otherwise I cannot explain to myself how we vote for lies, arrogance and inculturation and give up the values without which there can be no nation. I am referring here to family, peace or well-being. And this time we as a people chose cheap and populist speeches, without thinking about what is hidden behind them. We like to see arrogance on the small screens, and if a candidate comes up with conservative ideas, but vital to a society, we disqualify him from the start. Did we go down so low, or maybe we were never taught what to choose. We are like little children, who, entering the shops, chase their eyes after everything that is not needed in a household and want to have these goods of cheap value.

I realized that Moldovans choose the one who shouts loudest, promises and lies a lot, is understandable to everyone and very simple, and if you take a few more pictures with well-known European leaders, then your popularity is assured.

The value of a democratic society towards which we also tend, represents ideas and beliefs that are considered important for the members of a community, which became concrete practice through the behavior of citizens and public authorities. Such democratic values are: freedom, equality before the law, transparency, tolerance, fair competition, equal opportunities and equal rights. 

These values were mimicked during this election period, but we don’t care…

Since gaining independence, no parliament, no government or president has educated us in the spirit of true values. The political struggle took us away from what living faith, civic responsibilities, altruism and family mean, and instead it has excessively polarized this society. We are divided on political and religious criteria and we see the opponents in every person that is around us, just like in the time of the Soviet empire.

In this election campaign, we had a candidate who set out these desires to unite society around the values that matter. I was glad to see that not all is lost in the country yet. A little more than a percent of our country’s population puts a very high value on what family and peace mean in our country.

I remember how the Bible tells of the patriarch of the Jewish people, Abraham, when he heard that God wanted to destroy the city of Sodom because of their grave sins, he prayed and asked Him in turn if God would destroy the city even if they found 50 good people. God was ready to forgive the city if He found at least 10 good people. Unfortunately, this city was completely destroyed, because the value for the people of those times was sexual pleasure, tolerance of immorality and material well-being. What makes me happy is the fact that in our country we have good people who, regardless of the attacks that come on them, transmit the true values without which humanity cannot exist.

I know that not everything is lost. Our country has a future. I want to believe that the future president will put aside perishable things and promote a policy with values for many generations to come.

Translated by Ina Croitoru