What is the origin of Baptists?


What is the origin of Baptists? We, Orthodox Christians, come of the Savior Jesus Christ, we received the pure faith, without any changes, from Saint Apostle Andrew himself, who preached the Word of God on our land and where do Baptists derive from? Maybe from any other apostle and since when?

It is true that the Apostle Andrew came on our lands and preached the Word of God, that is the pure and unchanged teaching of Christ, who was later written on the pages of the 27 canonical books of the New Testament.

Baptists believe that for centuries both the Catholic Church and Orthodox Church have added changes to the teaching of the New Testament by what was called “Holy Tradition”. So, if the starting point is considered the one of the return to the origins of Christianity as was described in New Testament times, it will be seventeenth century, and if it is considered starting from the origin, then it is even the teaching of the Lord Jesus written on the pages of the New Testament and which are very faithfully kept by Baptists.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru