What is different at the Inductive Bible Study Institute?

I have received some messages whose authors ask me information about the Inductive Bible Institute. People want to know what is different at this institute comparead to other theological schools. In this article I would like to explain some differences:

1. The development of personal skills to study the Bible  is one of the priorities of this school. It is true that each theological school teaches methods of studying the Bible, but this institution is focused on training the inductive Bible study method to help the student grow spiritually, find out answers to life questions, and teach or preach the Bible in a relevant way to people. At each of the 9 sessions, the students study a book from the Bible, or a subject. At first hand it is emphasized on studying the biblical passage, but the reading of the comments is encouraged as individual work. For example, at the first session, for two weeks, the students learn to have an overview and the observation worksheet and they practise this on the whole passage of the Gospel of John and  the IInd Epistle to Timothy. After session, students are asked to have an overview on the Book of Acts. All these are done in order to train each student’s habit to study the biblical passage. If you want to develop your discipline and your passion to study the Bible systematicaly, this is the suitable school to subscribe to.

2. A strong accent on the practical application of the cumulate knowledge and learned habits is another thing that emphasizes the Inductive Bible Study Institute. All schools want to prepare competent workers and the practical activity is a part of the process that prepares the students. Usually, this practical activity is done in summer, and the whole year the students gather theoretical knowlede. At the Inductive Bible Study Institute the students come in every 4th month for two weeks and intensively study a course. They are well trained to teach others this biblical course and then the practical part comes. There are 3,5 – 4 months when the students go in their localities and teach others the course which they have been trained. They make up Bible Study groups and teach in their churches, at the schools where they study or where they work, in camps, at their homes, to friends, neighbors, collegs, etc.

3. Students are taught to work in teams while they are studying, but also after they graduate. When they have the sessions for two weeks, the students are motivated to plan their activities together and to learn a nice Christian collaboration. How pleased are the teachers when they find out how the students ally themselves with others, plan and then do great and beautiful things together. So, the students went to teach the course “The Truth about Sex” to over 70.000 students and pupils from the whole country. They organize many camps in every summer and during the year they preach the Gospel and do Bible study in different ways(teaching computers, English, sports, journalism, camp, etc.). If you want to be a part of an efficient team or to learn how to gather people, to train them and to motivate them to create a team – come to the Inductive Bible Study Institute to study.

Be a good disciple of Jesus Christ!

Translated by Djugostran Felicia