What happens to the fetus when its mother’s life is in danger?

I have received the next question from a reader of the portal Moldova Creștină: “What happens if by giving birth, the life of the mother is in danger? Some doctors recommend abortion and there are Christian families that are in a dilemma with this situation.” Our family has passed through such a situation. Together with my wife we have been in this dilemma. In this article I will present to you our testimony.

My wife, Nastica, had a troublesome state of pregnancy. I thought that some day my wife would die, so difficult the second pregnancy was. When she got pregnant with the third child, we went to the doctor together and we were told that this pregnancy is very dangerous for my wife’s life. It was a great trial for me. When the doctor asked for my opinion,or, in fact, for my decision, I was not able to say anything. No word, I ceased to speak and I couldn’t say any word. The doctor, who was a woman, told me to leave her with my wife and I went out to wait. After a while, Nastica came out and she told me that the doctor tried to convince her to perform abortion wtihout telling me. My wife told her that she doesn’t hide anything from me and that all decisions that we make, we make them together and she also reminded the doctor that both of us are the parents of the child that had been conceived. In fact, my wife was in the predicament, because she had to choose whose life she was to spare, hers or that of the conceived child. She made the decision to bear the pregnancy and to give birth to the child, even if it was the danger to lose her own life. The doctor, who wasn’t a believer at the moment, said: “May God do to you according to the faith you have in Him.” And He did so.

God blessed my wife so, that this was the pregnancy that she bore the easiest and the same thing was at the birth of the child, much easier than the first two were. The child, Daniel, was born healthy and together with him, our family has been added with harmony. God protected my wife’s life, who, on her part, protected the life of our child, risking her own life.

The life of the fetus that is in the mother’s womb has the same value that each of us life’s has. Taking into account that the life of the child that has not been born yet has the same value to that of the one who has been born, what mother will accept to save her  life with the price of her own child?

Translated by Djugostran Felicia