What does the Bible say about vasectomy?


I receive and read with great interest all your articles. I can say that the topics you address are very interesting. I would like to discuss the problem of vasectomy. Is it a sin or not to do a vasectomy surgery? My wife no longer wants to continue with anti-conception pills and her desire for me is to do vasectomy. Or, more precisely, according to the laws of God, what is the form of having sex in the family life without fear for a new pregnancy. I mention that we already have a child and my wife does not want to become pregnant. I look forward with great interest to your response, willing that the Lord Jesus will guide you in the great work you are doing.

Vasectomy is a procedure designed to make a man sterile. The doctor cuts the two tubes called vasa deferentia of a man, that carry the sperm from the testicles into some pockets in the scrotum, that store the sperm before ejaculation. In simple terms, vasectomy blocks the only ways in which sperm leave the body. The sperm are reabsorbed into the body. Men with vasectomies can have sexual relations and ejaculate, but their semen will not contain sperm, and they will not be able to fertilize the egg and thus they can not cause pregnancy.

Vasectomy is a contemporary practice and it was not practiced in biblical times and thus it is not mentioned in the Bible.

Meanwhile, God addresses in the Bible the use of contraceptives. I invite you to read the article What does the Bible say about contraception?, where I presented God’s perspective on this subject. There you will find principles left from God and that certainly can be applied to your situation. You’ll also find many comments and some of them are written by doctors.

I advise you to think that God has given you the blessing to have children and it is good and beautiful to want and to enjoy them, educating them into obedience to God.

One very important thing is the factor of faith and personal freedom concerning this subject and here can be applied the verse from Romans that says:

Whatever is not from faith is sin. (Romans 14:23)(NASB)

And what does a couple who has only one child do after vasectomy, if they lose that child? Or, if the wife dies and the husband marries another woman who will want to have children?

Translated by Felicia Rotaru