What are the opportunities for marriage between an Adventist and a Baptist?


With esteem and respect I greet you, Mr. Pastor. I like very much what you do through Moldova Creștină. A few days ago I received the link to this site from a friend. I have also got a question, if you can give me an honest answer from your point of view. What are the opportunities for marriage between two young people: an Adventist boy and a Baptist girl? The boy is not yet baptized, but he is convinced that Saturday is the true day of rest, and his heart does not let him get over it. Please, give me an idea and a solution. They love one another, are educated, both of them have graduated college, and, humanly speaking, all their future smiles at them. The only problem is this.Thank you in advance.

This difference of opinion is more than something that is classified as “doubtful views”, because it addresses the importance of respecting the day of rest in the process of salvation and it has many deep implications pertaining to other issues. Therefore, I suggest the following steps:

  1. Each of you should take time to study what the Bible says about the day of rest, about rest in general and how the Lord Jesus and the apostles have taught and reported to the Sabbath day.
  2. Only after both you will study deeply this subject you should meet and discuss.
  3. If you find a single opinion, you should determine yourselves to become members of the same church.
  4. If your views remain different, I advise you not to think about marriage and to separate, because otherwise you’ll have many problems and inconvenience for the future. What kind of testimony will you bear to people and what relationship will you have when your whole life one of you will go on Saturday to worship in one place and another one elsewhere on Sunday? Then, when one of you will teach your children something from the Scriptures, the other one will come to present things differently and this will create confusion in their minds and hearts, then unbelief and rebellion.

And another thing … If somehow, one of you accepts the other one’s opinion just because of marriage, it will create great problems and conflicts in your marriage relationship and in the future.

What is the opinion of the readers of this portal regarding this situation and question?

Translated by Felicia Rotaru