What are the differences between the Baptist and Pentecostal church?

Before we talk about differences, it is important to present …

What do they have in common?

Both Christians of the Pentecostal Church and those of the Baptist Church are people who passionately want to be a part of the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore they put a large emphasis on studying the Holy Scriptures, on the new birth and on preaching the Gospel. In both churches only those people who have repented and have concluded a covenant with God through faith in Jesus Christ are baptized. Both churches share the basic doctrines of Christianity as salvation by faith, the divinity of Jesus Christ, the teachings of the Holy Trinity, etc.

What are the differences?

Pentecostalism draws its name from the day of Pentecost (Pentecost) when the Holy Spirit came down on earth and more details about this are reported in chapter 2 of the book of Acts.

Unlike the Baptists, who believe that the baptism with the Holy Spirit takes place at the new birth, Pentecostal Christians believe that baptism with the Holy Spirit is a distinct experience of birth and speaking with other tongues is the initial sign of the baptism with the Holy Spirit.

Regardless of these differences, the beautiful part is that in most countries there is a beautiful Christian collaboration between Baptist and Pentecostal churches and the Baptist and the Pentecostal pastors from Chisinau often meet together for prayer and for common projects.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru