We want to increase the quality of education

On Saturday, 12th of April, in the Christian Complex “Holy Trinity” we had a republican teachers conference on the subject “How to challenge those who study?”

The participants who came at the conference were from different parts of the country. There were teachers from public schools, teachers of the Word of God, sport trainers, English teachers and parents who wanted to find out how to motivate their children to learn.

The conference was a very interactive discussion because we were aware that teachers had a rich experience which being shared, put together and systematized would help each one become a better challenger.

At the beginning we talked about the importance of motivation, about the consequences of the lack of motivation or of bad motivation and we tried to see the causes of an increasing apathy of the students and pupils regarding education. Finally, we drew the conclusion that we had a great crisis of model characters, people whose example they would like to follow.

Then, we studied together some passages from the Book of Proverbs of Solomon and from the Gospel of John, which showed us deep and very practical truths to be better challengers in future.

At the end, the participants said that the conference had challenged them to become models for their students in all things and to assume greater importance to efficient motivation.

We also mentioned about the great deficit of teachers in our country and we decided to motivate pupils who graduate schools to go and study pedagogy to fulfill that great need of our nation. May God help us with this!

Translated by Felicia Djugostran