We visited the church in Corjeuti

Vasle Filat predă studiu biblic la biserica din Corjeuţi

The first time I visited the church in the village Corjeuti 15 years ago and after that we did several Bible studies together and I often preached. But, being in ministry, for a long time I did not have the opportunity to visit this church. The Lord gave me an opportunity to go there on April 1 and gave me a special joy. I went with Radu Blendarencu and Ionel Druta and thus, on the way we were able to discuss many important things related to our common ministry. On the arrival, we were welcomed with much joy and love by Nicolae and Dusea Turcanu, who invited us to rest in their house.

I was greatly encouraged at the beginning of the divine service, when brother Vasile Miaun, who had feet problems and was moving with difficulty, came to me and told me joyfully: “Brother Vasile, I walked for an hour and a half until I got to church, but I could not but come to see you and listen to the Word of God.”

Nicolae Ţurcanu, Andrei din Trinca, Vasile Filat şi Vasile Miaun

The pastor of the church, Sergiu Cucereavii, welcomed us with joy and gave us the whole time. At the beginning of the divine service, Radu Blendarencu and Ionel Druta told their testimonies how they had returned to God, and how their lives had been transformed and how they served in the Gospel by teaching sports and journalism activity at the Liber Newpaper.

Ionel Druţă spune mărturia la biserica din Corjeuţi

Afterward, we studied what God teaches us in the Holy Scripture about how a Christian should take part in the public life and how to have a correct attitude and participation in the election campaign. After the study I was asked to talk about the ministry of the gospel that we did in other countries and how people turned to God. I presented the new inductive Bible study books and the Liber Newspaper. We were glad to hear the missionary ministry that the preachers in the church were doing going to the neighbor villages and preaching the Gospel. Praise the Lord for the way He works in the Christians of this church and through them in other people’s lives.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru