We can not accept immorality to be raised as a virtue

While I was on a mission trip I heard a news that made me feel so bad:

Sexual minorities will organize for the first time in Chisinau a legal public action. 11 May 2008 within VII LGBT Pride in Moldova „Rainbow over the Dniester” LGBT community will go on pubic manifestation on the the central squre of Chisinau. The aim of the action is to support adoption of anti-discrimination law in Moldova.

This is a provocation of the whole nation and of the Christian values that help us build our identity. That is what immoral people want to obtain through this anti-discrimination law, that they request so vehemently. They want a law that allows them to defy the society and to discriminate whomever they want to all levels.

In the same article, it is mentioned:

On the other side, the president of Gender Doc-M, Alexei Marcicov communicated at a press conference that they are discriminated. According to the cited source, sexual minorities from Moldova want only to have their rights respected, and that they do not sin more than the whole society does.

They shout in a loud voice they are discriminated and their unique example is when someone threw a stone in the window of their office. But police exist for this, and not all those in whose window has been thrown a stone come to ask for another law.

Alexei Marcicov also says that they sin equally to the whole society. It is true that the wage of sin is death, and all have sinned, as the Scripture mentions. But other sinners don’t promote their sin as a virtue, and don’t organize prides to show off their iniquities. What will be if thieves, drunkers, drugged and corrupted persons form their own associations and organize such kind of prides?

We can not accept suck kind of conduct! So, what are our future actions?

Translated by Felicia Djugostran