Walking from Chisinau to Hincesti

Since last year, our sons David and Daniel have asked me to make a trip by bicycles from Chisinau to Lapusna, my and my wife’s native village. Because of the health problems of my back, we could not achieve this desire last summer and considering that it has not passed long time after surgery, we have decided not to go by bikes this time, but to go on foot. We were glad that Nastica, my wife, attached to our team. Only Tica didn’t want to go.

Familia Filat la plecarea in calatoria pe jos de la Chisinau la Hancesti

We left the house at 7 a.m.

Nastica cu fii David si Daniel in drum spre Lapusna

The weather was cool and it was very pleasant to walk.

Vasile Filat cu David si Daniel in drum spre Lapusna pe jos

Going out of town we met with my disciple Ionel Rotaru, who was going by car from Lapusna to Chisinau. This year Ionel married with Felicia Djugostran and together they make a beautiful work in the Gospel. Ionel trains a Taekwon-Do group in Lapusna and Felicia teaches English, translates the articles of this portal in English and with the Pure Generation youth movement they go to public schools to teach Bible lessons to young people.

Intalnirea cu Ionel Rotaru in drum spre Lapusna

When we went out of the city, we took pictures. Do you see where Daniel is in the picture?

Familia Filat in drum spre Lapusna pe jos.

We had to take pictures successively.

Daniel has seemed interested in taking a picture here.

Familia Filat la intrare in Ialoveni

The watermelon that we bought and ate on the roadside was very good.

Familia Filat mananca harbuz in drum spre Lapusna

On our way we met a Christian brother who was riding in a minibus and returned back to take us with him, thinking that we needed a car. When we told him that we are traveling, he was glad about it and wished us a good journey. Near the “Primavara” restaurant we met with another disciple of mine, Alexei Tentiuc, who was with Oxana, his wife, with Adalica, their son and Mrs Catherine, the mother of Alexei.

Familia Filat si familia Tentiuc in apropierea restaurantului Primavara

Thus, we agreed that Alexei will come the next day to take us from Lapusna back to Chisinau.

After dining, we decided to have a nap in the beautiful forest that was on the roadside.

Because my back began to hurt a little (on the 1st of October I had a spine surgery) we decided to limit our journey to Hincesti, and from there we took a car to Lapusna. I was glad to see that the driver had the Bible and especially when he told me that he wished to receive baptism soon. But I was very sad when I found out that he was going to vote for the party that had persecuted the church and faith in God.

Once we arrived at Lapusna, we saw a meeting with the voters in the center of the village, where a party candidate was telling lies in an impudent way, trying to manipulate the people. I was very indignant to hear these lies and I was not the only one experiencing this indignation. But, there were some who believed and even supported him. Maybe they had an interest …

In Lapusna my mother-in-law met us with a good soup, we ate and then we fell asleep after a long journey.

The next day, we went to see my sister Lidia and we talked a lot from the Holy Scriptures about repentance and I urged her to repent. How great my joy was when she decided to enter the covenant with the Lord Jesus and prayed for that.

Vasile Filat si sora lui Lidia Parau in ziua pocaintei ei

I thank a lot all of you who have prayed for the salvation of my sister Lidia. Pray that God will increase her in His knowledge and make her useful and fruitful in the Gospel.

I urge you to travel on foot, as we have done. It is a special pleasure and rest.

Translated by Felicia Rotaru