Tribute to my teacher – Editorial Radu Blendarencu

Everyone has to pay tribute to the one who guided him in this life. Obviously, parents are the ones who have had and continue to play an important role in the upbringing and learning of their children, and we have a moral and sacred duty to care for them. But at different stages of life there were teachers whose hair turned gray because of us. Who cried and sacrificed for us to be where we are today. Many, after reaching key positions, forget those who guided their steps, even though teachers are some of the most inspired and influential people in our lives.

However, they are part of the least appreciated group of professionals around the world, with extreme social importance often unseen. Expressing gratitude for everything a teacher has done for each of us, be it school, college, technical or additional courses, will always be a worthy action. Thanking the teacher is a great way to make sure he knows the positive impact he has had on your life. I also have to pay a tribute to the one who is my teacher. Recently, one of the personalities of our country celebrated his birthday. I am not afraid of this word given the impact it has and has had on the lives of many in this country and abroad. I’m talking about about Pastor Vasile Filat. I had the great grace to meet him in my teenage years, and every time after talking to him you are no longer the same. You walk away transformed by the impact this man can have on your life. In my memory he is always a man who preaches the Word of God and teaches people with all boldness and without any hindrance. He always uses a spiritual speech and His purpose is for every person in our country to have a real relationship with God. I saw in him, courage, boldness, patience, rebuke and the strong hand of a parent who is ready to support you whenever you need.

Whenever I called on him, he had time to talk and direct me. He always helped me stay focused on the vision and he didn’t give up on me even though I gave up on myself. We have also seen that He is a teacher who constantly trains new disciples. He has always taught me that our calling as teachers is to raise people in the personal knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and as they grow spiritually, to help these people get involved in the ministry. I have also been taught to help the disciples learn to do everything you do and, if possible, more. I was also taught to never seek to impress my disciples and not be like the teachers who impress. Although they are more successful in human terms, they rarely train disciples.

I was also taught to be faithful to the cause and to those who called me to the fight. There is a great lack of faithful and disciplined people. I learned these things from the example of my friend and teacher. “The teacher who walks in faith before God will not seek to have as many admirers who run after him to listen to him anywhere he speaks, he will not seek to say things that will impress people. Not at all. The teacher who understands his calling will seek to make disciples by investing in people for their spiritual growth and will measure his effectiveness as a teacher by the way human characters are transformed and the extent to which they serve others in the body of Christ in the Gospel.” This is what Vasile Filat always wants to tell us.

I pray that I, too, will be able to follow in his footsteps as the apostle Paul urged his disciples to follow in his footsteps, for he also follows in the footsteps of the Lord Jesus. I pray that I will be sensitive to the needs of those who taught me, and this I also saw in my teacher. Stop and think about whether you have people to pay tribute to. I do, and I can’t wait to pay this tribute. And this I assure you will bring a lot of blessing to you and the one you learned from.

Happy birthday, my dear teacher!

Translated by Didina Vicliuc